Condolences for Hyland Pennington Smith, Jr.

barry pilcher posted on 12/12/18

YOUR forever in my memery and my deepest condolences to the family for my pal and very close friend hyland smith we will never forget you and may god take you in to heaven were you suffer no more thanks barry lamar pilcher /red



Michelle and Jim Towne posted on 12/12/18

Mr. Sir... I can't believe You passed away! I'm so sorry You couldn't stay... I will always miss You My dearest Friend. You are always a special part of the Family!!!



Michael Arrington posted on 12/11/18

Darlene, this is a lot to take in. with the loss of Mary and Hyland right behind. I truly believe that God has a need for these angels and a special reunion is in store. Praise be to God. My heart mourns your loss but just look how Heaven now shines.