Condolences for William Scott Brown

jessica orr posted on 9/14/18

Ive had so many words and thoughts and things i needed to say to you, and i took for granted that your days were numbered... I will always regret not being able to say goodbye to you, to tell you I forgive u and that thru the bad and the goood and more superbad I never meant to give up on you. we were eachothers once savong grace my honey bear your honey brown... I love you scott I always will you give me 2 beaitiful boys and one day i pray i will get to tell our boys where they came from...and that they definately got there good looks and feet from you.... I think of you often and wish things didnt end like and when they did... you told me once before nothing good has ever came easy although this lifes forever came sooner than we thought when we promised eachother forever and whatever's after that.... so when my forever is over i hope we can make good on after that... im sorry for not being there when u needed me more than ever.... despite the past i never wanted to lose u like this.... i love u scott and pray u find the peace u oh so longed for... you suffered more than one life can take you deserve to not suffer and be in pain to not let past mistakes what couldve been or what may not of been eat you alive like the cancer life got the best of you ..... I just want you out of pain and suffering and finally at peace.... youve needed peace for way too long.... I love you scott brown over the moon and back over and over again..... Thank you for our time together, our boys, and the millions of memories good and bad I will always hold you dear...


Teresa Brown posted on 8/9/18

Scott will forever hold a spot in my heart. He lived his life one day at a time. He had a wonderful sense of humor and always tried to make people smile. I will miss him



Sylvia posted on 7/31/18

It was such an honor to know Scott, and call him my friend. I am praying for you Mary.



Sylvia posted on 7/31/18

It was an honor to know Scott! Also, his wonderful Mother Mary.