Condolences for James “Jim” Peter Pelto

Tamara (Strange) posted on 10/3/18

Jim was my very first internet friend. Might not sound like a big deal, but we shared a lot of laughs together and I always treasure someone who makes me laugh. Gonna miss you, Jus Jim. Save some bacon for me....


David Oates posted on 8/1/18

Really enjoyed getting to know Jim. He was fun to hang out with and very thoughtful of those around him.


Karen Harris posted on 7/25/18

I knew Jim as the brother of one of the best friends of my life, when she and I were young. I will always remember the little boy, though I never had the chance to know the man. I did, however, know him through my friend Faith's stories. My heart goes to all of his family and friends.


Chad Hartman posted on 7/25/18

I worked with Jim for the past 10 years. He was very smart and dedicated to his job. Standing around the water cooler, he would share his Jeep stories and the countless ways that you can cook beef and bacon. We’ll miss him as both a coworker and a friend.


Shane and Pam Fish posted on 7/25/18

I feel so privileged to have known Jim and to be able to call him a good friend. I meet Jim a few years ago on the trails and felt like I had known him my entire life by the end of the day. He was a proud member of the Carolina Trail Blazers and a part of the family. He and myself always cut up about being old and him putting all terrain tires on his hover round before or trips and getting a hall pass from the rest home. All of our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time.


Jason Watson posted on 7/24/18

I will never forget Jim,s smile and love for his friends. I and the Carolina Trail Blazers will miss him so much. We love you Jim.


Troy Baker posted on 7/24/18

Jim was a very special man. I first met Jim over a year ago when he joined our Club: The Carolina TrailBlazers. Jim didn't miss a beat and jumped right in and started going to all of our monthly rides. Even the ones HOURS away. While most of us camped, Jim opted for the comforts of a hotel, even if it were miles away. But as a result, would always offer to "pick us up something" on his way in. Each morning we'd wake up and have some coffee, then "there's Jim" coming with a massive bag of biscuits. More than any of us could eat. He was always so generous. He always offered encouragement too. Few people want others to succeed over themselves. We're all so caught up in ourselves these days. Not Jim. While he took joy in succeeding and making it up a difficult obstacle, you could always tell he TRULY wanted others to succeed and be happy. I'll never forget the time in Alabama when Jim was coming up a particularly gnarly trail. Jason and I were spotting him and telling him to "hammer down" and really get a bit of this section to launch over a big rock. Well...Jim did! And he shot over into the trees the wrong way. He laughed and laughed, and had us rolling. He was always good for that....had us laughing all the time! Jim shared his life, his faith, and his stories around the campfire. And if you had the pleasure to ride with Jim on one of the adventures we took every month, he would share his love of his family with you as well, and the importance of happiness and peace. I want his family to know how MANY people Jim influenced in our club. My heart broke into pieces when we heard the news. While I know Jim's soul was prepared, My heart (and the hearts of MANY other TrailBlazers) was NOT, and I will miss my brother dearly! Jim was awesome!


Jessy Castellano posted on 7/24/18

Our hearts and prayers are with your family Jim. Your presence will be missed by all who knew you. I’m sure there will be awesome wheeling waiting for you on the other side of the pearly gates. Rest Easy Pelto. -The Castellano Family


Nikki Laszlo posted on 7/24/18

Uncle Jim was always such a quiet, humble, but funny man. He was good to us kids when we spent time with him. I was often james’ shadow so to speak, so while we were kids uncle Jim would load us up in the Geo and take us some place fun or cool. One of my greatest memories was when he took us to jetty Park we watched jet ski races, bmx riders, dirt bikes and more! It was awesome! I am sad to say I had not spoke to him for a long time, but I think he was an awesome individual and an awesome father. I wish for peace for all who have to miss him and the memories that they still wished to share. Im thankful he found happiness, and hobbies that made him smile in the NC mountains. RIP uncle Jim. ❤️



Shannon Cooper posted on 7/24/18

You were not my uncle by blood but you were definitely my uncle in my heart. You were a great person and I will never forget you and the fun times we had and I will forever cherish all the memories jeeping with you, Jason and the boys and of course I cannot forget BACON!!!! I love you Uncle Jimmy



joy capps posted on 7/22/18

Peace be with you and your precious family !


Chris & Joyce Maggert posted on 7/21/18

To the family we are sorry for your loss, to us Jim was family, he was a great friend and fellow jeeper, we went on a lot of Jeep rides and adventures with him, whether it was working on his Jeep, our Jeep or a Jeep Trail or hanging out in the shop, that will never beforgotten. He always had answer to Jeep questions, gave lots of good advice and was fun to be around, he always had good things to say about everyone. ( sometimes there would be a comment over time he cb about a jack wagon doing something crazy in the interstate) lol always good times that will be missed but will never be forgotten. We are here if you need us for anything.