Condolences for Deborah Dickens Berger

Denise posted on 7/10/18

I am very sorry for the recent loss of your dear loved one, Deborah. I have a brief encouraging message I would like to share with you from the Bible. The Bible can be a great source of both comfort and hope during this most difficult time in your lives. For an example, at Revelation 21:3-5 it assures us that the day is soon coming when our most loving Heavenly Father is going to wipe away the tears of sorrow from our eyes and that even pain and death will be no more. I hope after reading this it will be of some comfort to each one of you. If later you would like to learn more from the Bible about why we die or why does a loving God allow so much suffering and injustice, please feel free to go to the website: to find satisfying answers.



Sheri Leland posted on 7/10/18

Once in a lifetime you end up meeting some one through their work, and that person makes an impression on you that you will never forget. I was lucky enough to have met Debbie that way and even though our contact was brief I could tell she was a person who had true concern for others no matter what their station in life was ...she was kind to my entire family and that told me her work was not just a job to her. I was always hoping we would meet again and was sorry to learn she left us too soon. My sympathy to her entire family including her family at work.


Lana Wilde posted on 7/8/18

I have known Debbie for more than fifteen years, and immediately recognized Debbie to be a true woman of God. Can't say I ever saw her in a state other than calm and soft-spoken, and always trusting that God had things under control. When I last saw Debbie, we talked about her mother having recently passed away and how much she was missed, I can imagine a happy reunion in Heaven! Debbie was a fine Christian model for women in the work place. She was greatly respected and will be greatly missed.


Andy Waters posted on 7/7/18

Debbie was like a sister to me. She took me under her wings in 1991 when First Citizens Bank (my employer) purchased her employer, First Federal. We worked together in Hendersonville for about 3 months but we continued our friendship after I moved via First Citizens to Wilmington and back to Raleigh. I moved to Lexington, KY in 2004 and always looked forward to seeing Debbie every year at the Trust Advisors Forum in Pinehurst. Debbie was a godly, Christian saint. I will miss her but I know she is now worshipping at Jesus’ feet and is much happier and fully healed of cancer.


Christie C posted on 7/7/18

I am deeply sorry for your family's loss. The God of all comfort will help you to cope during this difficult time. (2 Corinthians 1:4)