Condolences for Thomas A. Hadley

Bob Young and Bob Reece posted on 6/14/18

We only lived next to Tom and Jan for a few short months before they moved, and only learned of Tom's passing yesterday. He leaves a memory of a terrific neighbor, and we feel so honored to have known him if only for a brief time. I'm quite sure his passing leaves a large hole in the hearts of Jan and his family. But you have been truly blessed to have a man of his calibre in your lives for so many years. We extend our sincere sympathy to all of you.



Lance’s posted on 5/17/18

Mary Jane and Family, We are so sorry to hear of your father’s passing. May God bless you all during this difficult time. Chris and Lynn Garren Lance


Mike and Laura Roper posted on 5/14/18

Tom was a friend that I had known and looked up to for many, many years. To say golf was a passion to him is an understatement. For as long as I can remember I would follow him in the HCC club championships. His family was very dear to him and made him very proud. He will be deeply missed! Our thoughts and prayers go to the entire family.


Captain Gene Hamilton Carswell posted on 5/14/18

See you on the Tee!



Captain Gene Hamilton Carswell posted on 5/14/18

His passing leaves a hole in this world that will never be filled. His faith was incredible, his persistence immeasurable, his devotion and his talent were undeniable. Such an incredible individual. Jan, I will miss him as I'm sure his whole family will. He set the standard more so than any individual that I've known in my entire life. May God bless him and the entire family. He simply was the embodiment of character! I cherish the moments in life spent with Tom whether traveling to tournaments or playing with him daily at HCC..


Jerald Wright posted on 5/14/18

Tom was a friend, my boss, a co-worker, and a mentor. Much of who I am today can be attributed to Tom. As a friend, we talked about his views. From politics to golf, we shared it all. He would accept the odd challenge of proving he could stand flat-footed next to a table and jump up and land on top of it. Everyone was surprised at this remarkable feat. He listened to my ideas and gave me his candid thoughts. Every day at lunch we went for a walk, checked out the area and ended up listening to Paul Harvey on the radio. The more I worked with Tom, the more I realized how smart he really was. Although I have not seen him in years, he has always remained in my thoughts. I was proud to have known him and honored he was part of my life.


Bill Stokes posted on 5/13/18

Jan and family .You are in my thoughts and prayers and although I will be unable to attend the service tomorrow you will be on my mind .So sorry for your loss.


The Rivers Family posted on 5/11/18

Our deepest sympathy to the family. When someone we love dies it causes Pain and sorrow. Though we personally have never seen anyone raised from the dead, we have certain Scriptures that assure us of the resurrection. Jesus said: “The hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out.” (John 5:28, 29). We can also, comforted by the hope expressed by the upright man Job: He will call; The dead will answer (Job 14:13-15). To know that there is a better future awaiting those we have lost in death, where the issues, such as sickness and death that plague us today, will be things of the past is comforting. I hope these scriptures give you strength to endure the difficult days ahead.


Barbara Machin posted on 5/10/18

Mr. Hadley leaves a legacy of being the Biblical Head of the Household, a wonderful provider and a loving Husband and Father. My prayers are with each of you.


Herb Young posted on 5/10/18

Very, very sorry for your loss. Herb Young & Family


Elizabeth Renauer posted on 5/10/18

My deepest condolences


Dorie Arnot posted on 5/9/18

MY heart goes out to all the Hadley family, especially, my dear friend, Kathy!!! Cherish all the wonderful memories you all have shared! You all have been and will continue to be in my Thoughts & Prayers. God bless. MY Love & Prayers,