Condolences for Edward “Ed” C. Hamelrath

John & Marion Hamelrath posted on 4/11/18

Just a few additional details that you may, or may not know. Ed was an altar boy for two or three years at his grade school, Assumption Grotto. He also played football for their very good team. He had a large paper route, a formidable undertaking in the Michigan climate. Ed was a green belt in judo. During adolescence, he played tenor saxophone in a rock & roll band that was actually pretty good. They sometimes practiced playing in our basement on Hazelridge, and drew in quite a crowd of the neighborhood kids. Right after graduation from De LaSalle, a private Jesuit high school, Ed enlisted in the Navy. He was a sonar man and helped track Russian submarines during the Cuban missile crisis. The Navy took him to many places throughout the world, including the Pacific Northwest. Shortly after they were married, I visited Ed & Jean in East Weymouth for a few weeks in the summer of 1966. In 1971 Ed was my Best Man when Marion and I were married. He often joked that Marion married the wrong brother. He will be missed and not forgotten. Best to all! - John & Marion


Bill Solitario posted on 4/10/18

I have nothing but positive memories about working with Ed. He was " an upper" and was fun to work with. The last paragraph of his obituary is perfect... ..


George Simmerman posted on 4/9/18

Ed's personality was contagious, and he provided much help to Ingalls and the Navy. He was a man of many talents and was an outstanding artist, engineer, fact-finder and friend. Several of us spoke with him two or three times a year when he called. He loved his family and was always proud of them. Ed is missed and we are thankful for the many good memories of our time with him.



Robert G. "Mr Bob" Smith posted on 4/8/18

He had intricate knowledge of Ingall's history because of His long relationship with Ingall's Legal Department. I worked with Him in the renovation/installation of the new Ingall's Law Library.


Paul Gergen posted on 4/8/18

Ed worked at Ingalls Shipbuilding from the beginning of the expansion of the West Bank. Ed worked on a variety of ships, protocols, procedures and legal issues. Ed had the rare capacity that most in management could only dream of - he made money for the company and also saved money. I worked with Ed on many projects as we saved millions of dollars, my most cherished memory was a description Ed signed noting me as "The finest investigator I know Sincerely Edward C. Hammelwrath Jr March 19, 2001", Ed was much greater than I.


Patrisia Magallon posted on 4/5/18

Please accept our deepest condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. May God give your family strength to endure the pain you are going through. “The day is near when all who have fallen asleep will be awaken”-John 5:28,29



Pamela Lindahl (niece) posted on 4/3/18

Dear Uncle Ed, I loved hearing your stories and your laughter. You will be missed, but I’m sure Aunt Jean will be happy to see you.


Dorothy Halliday posted on 4/3/18

I will miss my little brother "Sandy." That was his nickname growing up. The two of us were buddies...we drove our mother crazy. The infamous "Dart Game Gun" went like this: when we were about six for Ed and eight for me, we came down with the chicken pox together, as usual. What one had the other wanted. She put us in our parent's bed, cleaned the house and dressed up, because in those days, the doctor came to the house. Well, we were not about to take "being good" and be quiet and polite so as our mother agonized over the doctor judging her by the house and cleanliness and how she took care of he two darling children, we proceeded to shoot a rubber dart gun up to the ceiling created general chaos in her Immaculate bedroom. We have never forgotten that escapade. Monday's will not be the same anymore, that was the evening we usually caught up on the current happenings of that week. I will truly miss my brother...we shared our childhood together and it extended to our "Big Peoples" life. Wait for me, Ed, then you can be "The Big Brother" and be in charge of showing me around. you will be missed.



Tim Spiriti posted on 4/3/18

Ed was a great shooting companion. I enjoyed our range time together. R.I.P old friend!