Condolences for Abby Grace Varnes

Mona Williams posted on 2/13/18

I met Abby about 2 years ago when I began taking care of her through the home health agency I work for. I liked her instantly. She had a little twinkle in her eye, that made me think she was going to make an impact on me. And she did. I knew when I started this job working with pediatric special needs patients that I would one day be faced with this day. That I would inevitably lose one of my patients to their disease process. But I wasn’t ready for it Abby. And I wish with all my heart that you weren’t the first one. What a blessing you’ve been to so many people. Nurses, doctors, family and friends are better people for having known you. I know I am. I’m gonna miss you, Miss Abby girl. I love you sweetie. You are well now.