Condolences for Lyndell “Lynn” Yarbrough

Terry Joe and Joanne Olmstead posted on 2/24/18

Joey and I are so sorry for your loss. We are thinking of you.


shobits posted on 2/22/18

From Rick Mullings I am writing you both to tell you how sorry I am to hear of Uncle Lyndell's passing. I also want to share what has always been in my heart about our family. Christmas before last, my granddaughters Josie, Frankie, Ricki were in the backyard fusing about whose turn it was on a swing I had hung for them. It aggravated me to hear them acting hateful toward each other. So I told them how great my cousins were and how I always wanted to see them. Then I told them about arriving at the cabin in the middle of a snow storm one Christmas. When we arrived Nana had a horse hitched to a Sleigh. It even had Jingle Bells on it. She was ready to give all of us a ride. Josie's eyes widened and she said: Man she must have been the best grandma in the world. I didn't even have to think about that I just answered : Yes she was. When I look back at my life. The time our family was together at the cabin or the farm in Wichita are the happiest times of my childhood. Bim, Katie and I have always felt the same about that. When we gather at Mom and Dads one of us will tell a story about something that happened then. Which starts everyone sharing stories that were funny or important to us. Lyndell really stood out to me. I would see him get out of the car clean shaven, well groomed and in a suit. My impression was he must be the boss or the smartest man where he worked. Then within minutes of arriving he would emerge from the cabin in blue jeans a regular shirt and a 22 rifle or a fishing pole in his hands. He would head to the woods or the river then reappear with a stringer of fish or some squirrels. It seemed to me that the cabin turned him back into an Arkansas boy. He was always kind to me and would explain what he was doing when cleaning his game. He told me once that some people cook squirrel brains in there scrambled eggs. The attention he paid to me alone made him great in my eyes.


Katy Hoyt posted on 2/20/18

My Uncle Lyndell ... Truly one of the sweetest, kindest men I ever known.... I have such fond memories of him and my Aunt Anita and my cousins Debby and Tammy.... we had such a wonderful childhood going to the cabin or getting together with the entire family at the apartment in Wichita.... I have always put a lot of stock in anything my Dad (Anitas brother Jimmy) had to say..... He has always spoke so highly of Lyndell and truly thought he was one of the greatest men ever..... we all did too.... He will be missed terribly... but what a truly loved and admired man he was... Love you guys......


Jimmy and Annetta Mullings posted on 2/20/18

Anita and Debby, What can we say? We know how much he will be missed. He has been a part of our family for so long. I admired and loved him and he was Jimmy's FIRST and LAST "best friend. " They met when Lyndell moved into your neighborhood or was visiting a family there when they were in the first grade. They became good friends than and stayed good friends all this time. Jimmy said they were the same size and liked the same things and never argued and when they wrestled neither one of them won. They spent good time together thru school and went to Korea together and then became brothers when Lynn married you. You have our sympathy and love.



Susan Yarbrough-Kamm posted on 2/14/18

in memory


Susan Yarbrough-Kamm posted on 2/14/18

Dear Anne and family, we are so sorry for your loss. Lynn will always be in our memories. We are praying for you and your family. May god comfort you and we wish you a lot strenght in these difficult days. Deepest Condolences from Susan, Günter and Leon-Russell and Charles Yarbrough


Manette {Punky} Trexler posted on 2/6/18

Anne, I am so very sorry for your loss. Please know that I am thinking of you and sending prayers for you and your family. God Bless you.


R. Faust posted on 2/6/18

Yarbrough Family, I read about your loss. My condolence to all of you. May your many family memories bring you comfort to share with each other. May you also have the peace and comfort of our Heavenly Father Jehovah. 2 Corinthians 1:3,4


John Hart posted on 2/4/18

Anne, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Without Lynn's support and guidance, I would not have been able to have my career in printing. He was often stern (even scary), but always fair, honest and willing to listen. I felt there was an unspoken connection between us, maybe our military service and overseas tours. For whatever reason, he saw something in me that I had failed to recognize in myself. He gave me the opportunity and the encouragement to succeed, and I will always be grateful to him for that. He was even there for my retirement party, which meant more to me than he would ever know. He was and will always be one of the most important people in my life. You are in my thoughts.


Patricia Buck posted on 1/31/18

Loving, compassionate, very supportive of beloved wife Ann through good times and life's challenges. Even though he himself has health issues past year, he seemed to always put his wife's needs first. He had A lot of integrity. Married 63 yrs, shows how Lynn and Anne were devoted and had a love for each other rarely seen.


Vivian and Gerald Tesner posted on 1/30/18

Anne, we are so sorry to hear of your loss. We know your heart is heavy and in pain. Over the years of working with Lynn I gained a deep respect for him, both as a boss and a good man. We pray God will comfort you as only He can.