Condolences for Shawn A. Wilson


Coleman Terell posted on 1/27/18

The greatest gift that I ever received came from Shawn. My son Christian. I promise you Shawn that I will love Christian without end, and I will be the best father to our son that I can possibly be. I have always thought of us as family, and I promise you Christian will never be kept from seeing your side of the family. I love you brother, may you find peace and endless Grace in heaven.



OKelley family posted on 1/27/18

The OKelley family wishes to express our sympathy to the Wilson family and his son Christian Hensley, Owe knew Shwn for a short time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you


Ryan and Tiffany Owen posted on 1/26/18

Shawn was one of the sweetest loving people I could ever meet. I will definitely will miss the bonfires at his house the cookout just living life the way Shawn new best. He became my husband and I's very close friends from the time I met him until his passing. Shawn Ryan and I will miss you my friend. Fly high. Until i see you again


Keisha Lunsford Miller posted on 1/25/18

Doris and Family So Sorry to hear about Shawn Passing. I remember growing up with him in school. He was always a nice man!! He will be missed! You all are in my thoughts and Prayers. May the Lord look after and Bless You!



Deirdre Hensley Mallard posted on 1/25/18

He will be missed and will always be in our hearts.



Deirdre Hensley Mallard posted on 1/25/18

He loved to ride the lawn mower with PaPa, and fishing.



Angela Oxendine posted on 1/25/18

We always love doing things as a family that was important to him.



Cassandra Poole posted on 1/25/18

Shawn was a good hard working man he loved and cared about his family and sons and friends he will help anyone out when they needed it and he made everyone laugh he will be missed by many and we will always remember him and he will watching over us he's are guirdian angel



Luwanahensleg posted on 1/25/18



Margaret Mcminn posted on 1/24/18

Doris,Angela,and Shawn sons,I am so sorry for your loss.I pray for the strength that ya'll will need at this time.


Margaret Mcminn posted on 1/24/18

Doris,Angela and Shawna sons,I'm so sorry for your loss.My prayers are for each of you for the strength to get through this time.


Tonya HENSLEY and christian Hensley posted on 1/24/18

I am so sorry for Spell in the word wrong I meant hard working man I'm sorry I apologize it was posed to say hard working man I am so sorry for that he was care loving good hearted mana Great friend a great father a great man we will miss you he will be mass we love you very dearly Shawn your kid too he was a good daddy a loving man he was so carrying love in man his Son love he so much


Tina Kytta posted on 1/24/18

Shawn will be remembered most for the Love he had for his kids. I tried his best to spend as much time as he could fishing with them and sitting with them around the fire talking and joking. He was a great friend and treated his friends like family. He will truly be missed. RIP Shawn, we will see each other again!!


Lisa Willson posted on 1/24/18

Doris and Family, we are sad to hear of the loss of your son. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Ima Jean and Lisa Wilson and family


Rob Hays posted on 1/24/18

Really shocked and saddened to hear of Shawn's passing. I knew Shawn from the very first day he started working at Tucker. He was a hard worker and extremely friendly. We would see each other out and about and he would always talk about his children. He was an extremely proud father. He will be missed. God be with the family in this time of loss.


Eric E Dalton posted on 1/24/18

We grew up together. He lived next door with his grandmother (Gladys) in an apartment. I have fond memories of Shawn, and I wish I could have hung out with him again as an adult. My condolences to his family !!


Gary & Gale Wilkie posted on 1/24/18

We are saddened by the news of Shawna passing. He will be missed by everyone, especially His sons. Thankful this life is not the end for believers. His perfect life is just beginning. With Gale receiving chemo we want be able to be at the service, but know each family member will be in our prayers.


Delton Oxendine posted on 1/24/18

Shawn was a great brother-in-law and friend. Even though I acted like I didn't need one sometimes, he always made me realize, I did. I will never forget the good times we had. Peace be with you. Until we meet again. Goodbye...For now.



Merrill and Joyce Hensley posted on 1/24/18

Will be greatly missed by everyone



Luwanahensley posted on 1/24/18

This is christen grandmother Hensley Shawn was a good man and a good dad he love his kids gave me a sweet grandson just like him came over my house love my meat loft Shawn will be miss love cut up with him so funny make you laugh



Luwa a hensley posted on 1/24/18

Shawn will be miss he was a good man and dad gave me a woundful grandson that I love very much rember Shawn came too my house eat my meat life he said that was some good meat loft he so much his stomach was hurting he wi be miss



Tim and Janet Hazel posted on 1/24/18

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family and loved ones of Shawn. We will truly miss him, for the last 20 years Shawn has always been such a nice man with a smile. Rest in Peace my friend....


Jamie burnette posted on 1/24/18

He always spoke about the beach trip we took, that it was the best beach trip he ever went on. I will never forget him saying to me "your my daughter I never had".



Tonya HENSLEY and christian Hensley posted on 1/24/18

He was a care loving good daddy a loving man a good hoard man he work hoard he love life he love all uv his boys and a bless friend he will be miss


Betty Henn posted on 1/23/18

Doris & Family, we send our love as we can be with you in person right now. I have another cancer and doing chemo, so my heart really hurts with yours. One day there will be a cure until then we always have our Hope in Our Lord and our Eternal Home. Love & Prayers, Betty & Charles Henn