Condolences for Ardeth “Ardy” Courdier Shreve Wise

Libby Gibson posted on 11/28/16

Ardy was a special person to everyone she met. I just learned of her passing and it brings tears to my eyes as I write this. God surely needed another "angel" in Heaven. There is no doubt in my mind that Ardy is in Heaven today. I will miss her. Everyone who knew her, was blessed while she was on earth. I only hope that I can be more like Ardy. I know that her family must realize that she meant so much to everyone who knew her.


Mary Jo McKee posted on 11/13/16

As the Mother of Jon Tom McKee, Mary Jo McKee, I want to echo his thoughts. Artie was a very special person to me and my deceased husband Tom. Always visited her and Bob when we came to visit Tom's folks, Mark and Helen McKee. I have kept in touch with Artie over the years and visited with her frequently at Lake Point Landing. She will be deeply missed.


JonTom McKee posted on 11/13/16

Goodbye to an era... the last of a generation... people whom I called family. Gone are the Wylie's, Coleman's, Zimmerman's, Cattril's and Bob Wise. They were friend's of my grandparents and became my family. Ardy Wise has passed. She was an amazing lady who did so many things... a been there and done that woman! She lived and was one of those not well-behaved woman who made the world a better place. To know a comment my wife said to her over 10 yrs ago, was a cherrished compliment makes my heart swell. I was lucky to know Ardy Wise! I will miss her glow and the way she loved life! All the big rocks in the world remind me of her... now that is an Ardy rock!