Condolences for Carol Ann Phillips

Cheryl Fowler posted on 8/8/18

It's coming up on the 3rd year of Carol's passing. She had a simple surgery and Fentanyl took her young life. I miss her every day.


Stacey Hudson posted on 1/13/16

Carol was a special girl. She was a good friend to me during one of the hardest times in my life. I will never forget her.


Gene Gordon posted on 9/15/15

Danny so sorry to here about Carol Ann, I always thought the world of her. Hope you an Rebecca are doing ok, my thoughts an prayers are with you guys during this most trying time. Have to tell you a funny story about the time I snuck Carol Ann out of BJU, she told them you were coming to pick her up, but it was me, they didn't ask for any id or anything! I picked her up at the front gate, drove all the way back to Hendersonville, went to Jodies Drive N got on S. Church St. got hamburgers an fries, we are sitting in my pickup an Carol Ann just happens to mention "by the way I have to be back by ten pm" it was like nine fifteen by then, fastest trip ever to Greenville!! but we made it!! That was Carol Ann always full of life an always fun to be around! Your parents would have killed me if they had found out. Hope this puts a smile on your face during this time of sadness........Love you guys Gene 864 706 9970


Lee & Linda Harney posted on 9/15/15

Dear Danny - You're in our thoughts & our prayers at this difficult time. We have such happy memories of "the good ol' days" with your parents at the Air Museum. You were always a wonderful son to them. With special love, Lee & Linda Harney