Condolences for Cynthia McGraw

Eddie & Patsy Nix posted on 2/16/08

To the family we pray each day you find some kind of peace with this. We love you all and if there is any thing we can do just let us know. Cindy was a sweet person she is at peace now. May God Bless you all especially Eddie and Martha. We think about you alot. Patsy and Eddie Nix


Dee Capps Blackwell posted on 2/14/08

I will miss Cindy so much. She was apart of my life for over half of my life. When we were in school it was always Cindy & Jerry and Me & Jeff. We done so many things Cindy was apart of my life even while we were younger having sleep overs and always doings things together. My life will not be the same, it is like apart of me is gone. Ciny you will be missed......


Trish Whitmire Allison posted on 3/30/09

This has got to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to experience in my life,(besides the loss of my mom in Aug of 07. Cindy and I traveled down many, many roads together she was not only my very best friend, but more like a sister to me, she heald my hand through alot of hard times as i heald hers. I was there when each of her girls were born, and finally many years later she was there at the birth of my son. I felt a part of the family for she and I were side by side for over 20 something years. My life will never be the same with out my very best friend. I just can't imagine life without the one that knew everything there was to know about me, to know that my side kick is not there to kick me in the butt when i need it. We always said that we were Thelma and Louise and it hurts so deep to know she went so young and at a time in life where she was trying to make the best of the new life she was living. I will always be here for the family, The girls goodness they all have a part of her in them and I see it when i look at them I will always be here for them all. I will miss you Cindy more than words could ever express, No one will ever take your place in my heart or the place of your best friend spot. I Love You Cindy..