Condolences for Wilma M. Pomerantz

Michelle Hennan posted on 5/14/22

I had the pleasure to meet Wilma 10 years ago through our volunteer work with WCC. She was unapologetically herself: lover of coffee, a good G&T, and spending time with family and friends. I will miss her daily coffee posts, groaners, and kind soul. Wilma, I know you’re having some spectacular reunions up in heaven while still looking out for us here (while making sure we get into a proper amount of mischief). I will remember you always.


Pam Harris posted on 5/13/22

I met Wilma thru WCC & the Asheville Pack back 2018! She welcomed me to WCC & I will fondly remember our get togethers via zoom to do Zentangle & dot painting! She was hilarious & did have a great laugh! Our last get together was just a few weeks ago for a sushi meal at Umi in Hendersonville! We shared our laughs about the pups & what was happening in our lives! Loved her fb posts & our next WCC graduation will not be the same w/o her but I think if there’s a way she will send us a sign that she is watching over us! Until we meet again Wilma! Love, Pam


Judi Goloff posted on 5/13/22

There can't be enough said about Wilma. She was a wonderful person. She did so many wonderful things in her lifetime. She made all her friends better for knowing her. I will miss her And her memory will stay in my heart


Lee Snyder posted on 5/13/22

I've only known Wilma for about 10 years, but it seems like I've known her my whole life. We bonded through the Warrior Canine Connection and she was a fellow North Carolinian. We began having gatherings in North Carolina and we had so much fun. Wilma was loved by so many and we all had so many fun times. However, the WCC was not her only volunteer work - she was involved with many other organizations and made a difference in so many lives. I miss you, my dear friend. I so much enjoyed our conversations and visits. Love ya'!


Kim Rice posted on 5/12/22

It’s taken me all week to write this. I cannot believe Wilma is gone. I met her through WCC about 10 years ago- but feel like I’ve known her all my life! We connected through the WCC mission but had so many other things in common- like our love of a good Jersey Diner!! I could always count on her to read a situation and know exactly what was needed and how she could help- even if that help was a spot on sarcastic remark for the moment!!! Oh the fun we had- she had such a smart wicked sense of humor!!! I told her once I wanted to grow up and be just like her- and that is still true!! God’s speed Wilma- you were a good and faithful servant!!


Jan Armstrong posted on 5/12/22

Wilma and I were Facebook friends but we had so much in common we decided to get together with a few other Facebook friends for coffee, stories, and laughter. It was a great afternoon and we talked about our love of animals and rescue work. We continued as Facebook friends and shared silly cartoons as well as tales of great heart and caring. I will miss her and her wonderful sense of humor so much.


Lisa Pendleton posted on 5/11/22

To say losing Wilma has impacted MANY, MANY people is a huge understatement. Wilma was larger than life and loved by everyone who knew her. She was my warrior, my touchstone, my friend. God how I’ll miss her. Thank you, Wilma for the love, the laughs, the talks, the politics, and for being such an amazing woman. There are very few in this world like Wilma and I’m so very blessed and grateful that I could call her my dear friend. Rest well, Wilma….until we meet again.


Kim C posted on 5/11/22

I met Wilma through WCC. I saw her every September when the EPW's gathered for graduation. She had a way of making every person she met feel like we were special and important. She cared about everyone she met. She volunteer and raised awareness for many causes. Never asking for anything in return. I will think of you each morning when I drink my Christmas Coffee from Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company. You introduced me to new spices and coffee's. I will miss you and 'Rabbit Rabbit'.


Lisa Pendleton posted on 5/11/22

To say losing Wilma has impacted so many people who loved her would be a huge understatement. Wilma was larger than life and I for one will miss her light. She was my warrior, my touchstone and a fierce, funny, and strong confidant. God how I’ll miss her. Thank you, Wilma for the love, the laughs, the pep talks, the politics, and most of all your friendship. There aren’t many in this world like you and I’m so very grateful I was blessed to know and love you. Rest well, my dear friend….until we meet again.



Cindy Denison posted on 5/11/22

RIP sweet Wilma.


Diane Ruesch posted on 5/11/22

I met Wilma in person only once. She was the same feisty, funny person as she was online. The day before she left us, she made a contribution to my birthday fundraiser to help feed people caught up in the war in Ukraine. And that’s who Wilma was: feisty, funny and caring. Miss your daily coffee memes, Wilma.


Alice Finn posted on 5/11/22

I met Wilma at a graduation gathering for Service Dogs. She just knew how to make you feel comfortable from the first moment you spoke with her. Wilma was a of a kind Jersey girl and loved by all. Miss you Wilma.


Karen Maitland posted on 5/11/22

As another member of the "Facebook people who knew Wilma because of our shared love of service dogs group" I can only remark on what a huge crater has been left in our lives with Wilma's passing. Wit and wisdom, coffee and commentary, simpatico and sass - what a blessing to have had our paths cross, even if only virtually. For all who knew this remarkable human, her memory will always be a blessing. The second cup every morning will continue to begin with a thought of all I learned from this most special person. You are loved, my friend.


Kit S. posted on 5/11/22

Oh, I miss her. Something special...that was Wilma. Although my relationship with her was mostly virtual, having met in person only once, we made the best of our shared interests, and she always left me smiling. So kind, so smart, so sassy and sarcastic...just a lovely, magnetic lady with a wonderful passion for things in life that brought her joy. Wilma will be greatly missed by many.


Julie F posted on 5/11/22

I met Wilma through WCC Facebook page. Although I never met her in person Wilma had a great sense of humor and a very nice person to chat with . She was always supportive. Wilma will be missed. May Wilma be forever remembered.


Sandy Goga posted on 5/11/22

Wilma, you will be missed. You were an angel on earth. You may have had a snarky sense of humor, but you had a heart of gold. You put your heart into your beliefs and into your friendships. I know you are in Heaven already working on a cause close to your heart. Our loss is Heaven's gain!


Shirley Yount posted on 5/11/22

Wilma and I were Facebook friends. Though we never met in person, we bonded over WCC dogs and books. When I was diagnosed with cancer and facing surgery, she messaged me with some wonderful advice. She had been in a similar place and made me feel less scared about what was about to happen. I looked forward to her book recommendations and always smiled at her many coffee memes. I will miss her words of wisdom!


Heidi Brown posted on 5/11/22

There are people you meet and it feels like you have known them forever. While I never met Wilma in person she was one of those people. As others have said Wilma was the wise, wonderful old friend that was a comforter, supporter, humorist, coffee loving, Yellowstone watching friend. You are missed by all that knew you and all of ours lives are better for the pieces you gave us and the Wilma fabric which ties us together. God bless until we meet again! ❤️


Margaret Moran posted on 5/11/22

Wilma was the friend I never knew I needed until she came into my life. She was an understanding shoulder to cry on but was willing to give you a kick in the butt when she knew you needed it. She got me through one of the worst times in my life and never asked for anything in return. I will miss her every day but have such gratitude for her love and support. RIP my dear friend. Gone much too soon.


Toni Statile posted on 5/11/22

I met Wilma in a Facebook group that trains service dogs for our veterans, over the next 10 years we met many times with our mutual group and also got together for lunch whenever she was in town. I admired her for so many things, her honesty, intelligence, her friendship, she made everyone feel special and I knew the minute I met her she was something really special. I hope she knows how much I loved her.


Gayle MacDonald posted on 5/11/22

There are so many of us in deep mourning for the loss of a good friend with a mischievous but kind sense of humor who always had a kind, wise word for everyone. I so admired her deep convictions, her high principles, her value for her fellow humans. She was deeply committed to healing those around her in so many ways in a thousand times a thousand ways. Her snarky sense of humor could lighten the mood in a difficult situation. Her appreciation of a great cup of coffee was legendary as was her savoring of a well made G & T. She listened with tolerance, counseled with great wisdom and didn't put up with any nonsense. I will miss her to the end of my days. As I write this I am tearing up again. I am so heartbroken to not be able to be there to pay the respect she so richly deserves. I will look for you my dear, dear friend at the bridge. Love, Gayle


Lily W posted on 5/10/22

Wilma and I became friends over service dogs in training puppies and her generosity shined through as we supported several causes including providing holiday gifts and cheer for military families for the past five years. I still cannot believe she is gone as we were looking forward to our next visit. She was one to live her life to make a difference between the dashes..from the day she was born to the day she passed away. I know you would tell me to stop crying..but I'm sad you won't be here for wontons. We love and miss you, Wilma!


Lisa (Angel) Berg posted on 5/10/22

WIlma had a very gentle soul that always made me feel completely loved and accepted no matter our differences. We chatted about anything and everything and I always felt supported and heard. I will miss her sweet nature, her 'groaners' and I can no longer see any reference to coffee without thinking of Wilma. I miss you, dear soul mate.


Terri C. posted on 5/10/22

I don’t know where to start…… yes I do……coffee and WCC……I “met” Wilma on Facebook, and when I found out that she lived a few miles away, we made a date to meet….over coffee…..and that was that. When the pandemic hit, and we were in lockdown, I would drive over to her condo….I brought my lawn chair, and coffee for both of us, and we would sit outside properly distanced and chat. As so many have already said, she was so caring, always concerned about the other person, all the while dealing with her own serious health issues. So many times our conversations reached “enthusiastic” levels (I was agitated) but Wilma, being the wise, level headed woman that she was, always brought things back to center. We had a coffee date this week…… I will miss her so very much.


Phyllis Bagdonas posted on 5/10/22

Wilma was a humble woman in the sense about her accomplishments and wasn't a bragger. She shared her experience of nursing working in poison centers, nursing and during the AIDS epidemic, providing her expertise and her loving and caring heart to those affected. A woman with special gifts and obviously the gift of sharing her knowledge and caring for humanity. Wilma also had a great sense of humour and loved her coffee! Wilma will be truly missed. May she rest in eternal peace.


Julie Hansen posted on 5/10/22

To sum up Wilma's life with her death and her birth leaves out a whole lot of wonderful in the middle. Though I only knew her the last 10 years of her life, I witnessed an infectious laugh, a beautiful smile, an uncanny ability to make everyone feel like they were the most important person in the world. Wilma was a force to be reckoned with. I can only imagine how much she shook up the world in her heyday. If she saw a cause to further, she did it. If she saw an injustice to stand up to, she was first in line. A bigger heart I will never know and a friendship I will never be able to replace. Wilma Pomerantz will not be forgotten.


Robin posted on 5/10/22

Wilma was that women who always knew. She knew when you were sad and would crack a snarky joke, if you were on the edge, she would offer to give you a little push to get you going. I could talk to her about anything at anytime. She has left such a void in my life and a hole in my heart


Karen Ball posted on 5/10/22

She had friends far and wide and I'm thankful to have been one of them. She was always so fun to be around at WCC events. She always tried to help where she could. Wilma will be missed by many.


Judi Goloff posted on 5/10/22

May her memory be a blessing I will miss you Wilma you were the best