Condolences for Timothy Glenn Smith


Teresa osreen posted on 4/14/22

Tim was loved by my daughter an my grand daughter Krystal and grace WERE HIS WHOLE WORLD. They were so happy. SEE YOU ALL IN HEAVEN



Crystal Smith posted on 4/6/22

Happy Birthday Timmy wish you was here I know u are but your not I will always have u in my heart baby brother I love u and I will always miss you til I can hug u again in heaven REST BROTHER



Robby Smith posted on 4/4/22

Little Brother,I love u and will always miss YOU. U will always be in my heart. I just don't think u should be gone. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN,REST IN PEACE. I LOVE YOU LITTLE BROTHER



Robby Smith posted on 4/4/22

Little Brother,I love you and I will always miss. You will always be in my heart. I just dont think you should be gone. Until we meet again, rest in peace. I love you little brother



Cynthia Anders Owenby posted on 4/4/22

My sweet beautiful friend, I have loved and was blessed to have known you all these years!! You were such a loving, sweet, person, who always tried to make others smile! You will be forever missed but not forgotten.. R.I.P. My Sweet Timmy, I love you!!


Bill Patterson posted on 4/4/22

Timmy you died way to early . You will be missed



Carla Forrest posted on 4/4/22

Thank you for always being a kind friend to me I have alot of good memories growing up with you. I'll never forget that smile on face. You are one of a kind friend and are going to be missed. RIP


Bridgett posted on 4/4/22

There are too many memories to choose just one. Rest in peace Uncle Timmy.



Shelby posted on 4/4/22

Uncle Timmy i lovee you andd miss you so much. There isnt a day that goes by that i dont think of you. Im still in shock that your gone. It feels like your still here, but i kno your not andd that hurts so badd. You will always be a part of me until we meet again. I lovee you Uncle Timmy! Spread those beautiful wings andd fly high ❤



Crystal Smith posted on 4/4/22

First you was my baby brother then u was my best friend and now u are my angel just like daddy. I know yal are 2gether brother I miss u so bad tho I love u so very much Timmy R.I.P my lil bro



Melissa coots posted on 4/3/22

Baby brother omg I can't believe u r gone and I can't hug and kiss u ever again but u r in my heart and I will hold u tight forever I love u so much I know u knew I did even though I want u hear please my baby brother rest in peace and watch over us all till we see each other again and we will bro forever I will love u your big sister



Thelma Edwards posted on 4/1/22

Timmy I remember us running around playing football and sneaking around smoking really had good times I'm gonna miss ya wished could of spent more time life too short forgive and forget Luv u forever and always in my heart



Crystal Smith posted on 4/1/22

Timothy I miss u man this is so hard to shallow very hard feel like I'm loosing my mind I love u 4ever baby brother



Crystal Smith posted on 4/1/22

My baby brother I still do not want to believe ur gone this is really messed up u should b here getting ready to celebrate our birthdays I miss u so bad Timmy my heart hurts it wasn't time for u to go I'm so dang angry and sad at the same time but at least no more suffering no more pain baby brother rest now REST PEACEFULLY I LOVE U SO VERY MUCH TIMMY



Nesiey posted on 3/31/22

Little brother I love you and I want you to know that miss you so much and you always will be remembered I will cherish every good time we had while you were here with me until we meet again I love you and will always hold you close to my heart Rest Easy Little Brother


Ashley Lipe posted on 3/30/22

Timmy you will be missed dearly by all. Rest in peace brother. Till we meet again



Ashley Lipe posted on 3/30/22

Timmy you will be greatly missed by all. Rest in peace brother till we meet again



Pamela rhodes posted on 3/30/22

Wish I would have got to know you more aunt pam


Michael Stepp posted on 3/30/22

Me and Timothy Smith grow up together been friend for 36 years R.I.P


Christine Prater martin posted on 3/29/22

Know Timmy for a long time always smiling . He was a great person tell my mom and sis hi for me rest in peace my friend



Felicia Evans posted on 3/29/22

I miss you uncle Timmy this still doesn’t seem real



Sabrina lytle posted on 3/29/22

Uncle Timmy I love you forever and will miss you always I am upset cause you left so soon