Condolences for Destinee Michele Pace

Kim posted on 2/25/22

You were a truly beautiful person and will be missed dearly so sorry for your loss...prayers for the family


Craig Leach posted on 2/24/22

Sorry for your loss this is a loss to in many more ways than one . Sweetheart , smart and loyal young lady the world will never get to see the full potential she had in her. rest in peace you will definitely not be forgotten you. But always remembered as well as the amazing smile that came with it.


Harley…… posted on 2/24/22

I would rather not say anything of our memories but I will say through all the convoluted mind alterations and all the devastation that fell before this young lady as you were very vibrant and vivacious and you most certainly imprinted a unforgettable impression of you and that will stay with us until we pass through the threshold of Elysium to see you and all of our love ones passed once again …


Erica posted on 2/18/22

I was just telling someone the other day about when you had came to my house and helped me with milah, after Judah got sent home to baby land. I have a picture of us at the truck stop in the bathroom mirror we weren’t on the best terms I’m so sorry honey. I wish I could tell you that in person. Play with Greyson for me ❤️


Nick Riggs posted on 2/17/22

Your A Good Person And You Deserve To Be Happy! You Will Be Missed!! Tell Judah I Said Hello



Debbie Allison posted on 2/17/22

Sending prayers


Megaera McHarge posted on 2/16/22

There are so many memories, so many moments. My heart aches because I selfishly wish I could hug you one more time. Prayers as your family and friends grieve the loss of such a beautiful soul


Diane Wells posted on 2/16/22

I'm so sorry for your loss.