Condolences for Jordan Scott Cirillo

Monica posted on 12/12/21

What a sad day.


Leya lewis posted on 11/22/21

Jordan was a beautiful person he was companionate and caring and always had a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Jordan and I only knew each other for a year but it felt like we’d known each other our whole lives he will always have a special place in my heart.


Melissa C Adams posted on 11/19/21

Melissa, I am so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you and your family.


Barbara Sides posted on 11/19/21

I met Jordan when he was just a little guy. Melissa had just started working with me. She brought Jordan to work to meet all of us. She was such a proud mom. Melissa and I became very close. Scott and my husband Kirby became close. We would all get together. Last I spoke with him by phone we had a really nice conversation. I pray his loved ones find peace that his love and light is shining over them. I’ll always remember him as that happy little guy.


Kirby Sides posted on 11/19/21

Jordan And His Parents Mel And Scott lived down the Street from me In Florida Jordan Was only 4 Years Old It was Son Much Fun Watching Him grow up Me And Scott Would take him to movies baseball games Lunch Etc We Always Had Great Times And Great Memories BOYS DAY OUT BABY we Were OFF the Leash


Jennifer Schmitt posted on 11/18/21

May God grant you and peace and tranquility up in heaven with your father. You will forever be missed. We will always love you Jordan.


Wakina gunnells posted on 11/18/21

Jordan I really don’t know we’re to start my heart is broken I always prayed for you that God would protect you never thought that you would be gone in a blind of eye But I know that when you enter the gates of heaven Jesus was waiting on with your dad what a glorious day that was! I was always happy when I ran into you because I knew you was ok you was like a son to me! I will never forget you and all of the memories the good and bad! I also know that Summer was your true love she will always love you! I can still here you saying baby girl ! Also I know that your going to be your Mama’s Guardian Angel!!Rest in Peace one day we will all be together again! Melissa I’m so sorry for your loss I pray got gives you strength and comfort and I will continue praying for you!


Jenny Collins posted on 11/17/21

Jordan to speak, say, and think your name right now makes tears flow….but I know that you and Scott are looking at me from above waiting….for one day we will be dancing together again to Mariah Carey!


Christopher Collins posted on 11/17/21

Such a sad time. We wasn’t as Close as I wish we could have been. My favorite memory is watching you learn to swim before you could even crawl. I pray that you reunite with your father. You will be greatly missed. I love you little brother we will meet again one day.


Summer Powell posted on 11/17/21

Jordan I don’t know where to start because my heart is completely broken. I met you back in 2013 when you just turn 18 I didn’t know the next 4 years we would spend our life together. A lot of ups and down but also a lot of very good memories. I loved you even though we couldn’t be together and I will continue to love you the rest of my days. I’m sad but happy for you at the same time I can only imagine what a good time your having with your father. I also hope your mother find comfort and peace at this very tragic moment. I love you Jordan & please continue to Rest In Peace ♥️ Forever 26 it will always be ♥️


Melissa Cirillo posted on 11/17/21

Our beautiful Jordan is in heaven with his father. Momma has so many wonderful memories to hold onto until I see you again.