Condolences for Ben Wright

Johnny Lyon posted on 10/25/21

Ben was born to talk and was a great golf announcer on CBS. He had an incredible voice that had meaning, like Winston Churchill or Basil Rathbone that made people listen. His Oxford accent, always without script, and his unmatched vocabulary allowed him to say what he thought off the cuff without regard to anyone. The game of golf was denied his talents for the last 20 years because of a riff with CBS but Ben Wright was THE best voice in golf as captured in the movie Tin Cup and in past Masters replays. He will be remembered whispering under the pines at Augusta, his moment under the sun.



Ray Embury posted on 10/2/21

Dear Helen, Cal and I are so heartbroken to learn of our dear friend Ben’s passing. His contributions to the golf world were nothing short of spectacular but his contributions as a wonderful, heart warming, truly honest and caring individual overshadow everything else. Out time spent together in Connecticut at Tallwood and his commitment to coming to the “Harry” were just wonderful days. I’ll NEVER forget our round of golf when he, Kenny, Nick, Stevie and I played the celebrity and decided to set a record for drinking red 12 bottles of red wine! We all left the course that day with the best red wine stains on our golf shirts. To this day I’ve never met anyone else who could tell stories like Ben. Losing his teeth down the toilet and having “Dr Wong” make him a new set so he could do the telecast the next day with Summerhall was the best! So so many belly laughs. Our visit to Asheville and playing 18 with Ben was something I’ll always remember and cherish, you were both so hospitable. God bless Ben Wright. All my love and condolences. Thinking of you often. Ray Embury


Steve Colnitis posted on 9/9/21

Helen: Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of Ben. I am so fortunate to have spent relatively few, but all very high quality times with Ben. Most notably was our trip to Ireland in the midst of the major airline problems which resulted in the lack of luggage for most of the trip. Richard, Peter and I will cherish those times forever. I was glad to have had the chance to visit you and Ben in NC, only wishing I had made the effort to get back again. Ben was such a joy to listen to on TV(and of course in person) - announcers of today can’t compare to the wit and intellect demonstrated by Ben. Most sincerely, Steve Colnitis


Mary Tanaskovic Bitting posted on 9/5/21

I was so sorry to learn of Ben's untimely passing, Helen; I am so glad Olga and I could be with both of you at your beautiful wedding...many years ago!


Eddie marshall posted on 9/4/21

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Jan and eddie


Cam and Becky Walters posted on 9/4/21

What a life, a story, and a friend to get to know over the past seven years. We are really going to miss the talks and visits. Helen, Ben was always commenting on how happy he really was!


Bob and Pat Juno posted on 9/3/21

memory for Ben Wright


Bob and Pat Juno posted on 9/3/21



John Watters posted on 9/1/21

I was so saddened to hear of the passing of my friend Ben. I remember all those wonderful days of golf. My fondest memory being when you exclaimed after hitting a terrible shot that you were playing like a two titted loon. It was such an outrageous characterization we all laughed uproariously. I’m sure other golfers thought we had lost our collective minds. To memorialize the occasion we promptly formed the Royal and Ancient Society of the Two Titted Loon. From a fellow Loon goodby old friend. Rest In Peace.


Bernie McGuire (Secretary, Association of Golf Writers) posted on 9/1/21

Ben had been a proud member of the Association of Golf Writers (AGW) since 1958. His name appears first (1961) on the AGWs Golf Writers Championship Trophy that will be contested 60-years on next month at Royal Liverpool. He was the Association's joint equal longest living member & his passing has brought sadness to those who called Ben their friend.


Kimberly Medlin posted on 9/1/21

Helen, I am so sorry for your loss! Ben was an accomplished, entertaining man. I know you will miss him!


Mike Williams posted on 8/31/21

So sad to hear this news. Ben had become such a staple at our event, and we enjoyed our numerous lunches over the years at Season's to catch-up and just sit there in awe of the stories he told. What an absolute great man - he will be missed! Prayers to Helen and the family.


William Misko posted on 8/31/21

I met him a a charity golf event in Connecticut. He told me a story of how he had the Beatles on a television show he was on in England before they were famous. My condolences to his family


Terry & Suzie Eihl posted on 8/31/21

A remarkable storyteller if ever there was! We have known Ben for many years here at the Cliffs Valley. He was a friend and enjoyable to be around. He will be greatly missed.


Terry & Suzie Eihl posted on 8/31/21

A remarkable storyteller if ever there was!



Art and Gladys Shiels posted on 8/31/21

Will always remember Bens visits to Michigan



Art and Gladys Shiels posted on 8/31/21

A good friend and a kind man. We will miss Ben. RIP


Lela Stearns posted on 8/31/21

The world of golf has lost a national treasure. Our friendship with Ben has covered over 25 years. I can’t begin to say how shocked we are that he is no longer with us all. Rest well our friend. Tommy and Lela Stearns


Betty Roark posted on 8/31/21

Don and I enjoyed so much our evenings with Ben and Helen at the Pit, Buster's Place, where we would enjoy good food, good wine and exchange interesting stories. Ben was always fun to be with. I am so sorry to learn of his passing, I know he will be greatly missed by many. Don, Buster, Shu,Tom and so many other will be happy to see him. I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers are with you. Betty


John Nowobilski posted on 8/30/21

My friend , my brother. Mary Ellen and I are heart broken over the news. So fortunate to have spent quality time with him and Helen. Arnie, Ben and Bobby Jones await your arrival ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Linda & Maurice White posted on 8/30/21

Ben had a fantastic memory! After meeting me for the first time along with numerous others in a very few minutes, he remembered my name a year later. As we got to know him better over several years, we enjoyed his sense of humor and his stories which we never grew tired of the retelling!