Condolences for Kevin Lee Robert Shotwell


Michael Tate posted on 8/8/21

Love and miss you my son Rest In Peace



Kayla Mcglasson posted on 8/8/21



John McGlasson posted on 8/8/21

Kevin was one of my best friends. He was a brother to me. My biggest regret was not being there for him towards the end when he needed people that loved him the most. I’m sorry for his mom and sister and step dad. I’m sorry Savannah as well. I feel the the most sorry for his 3 boys. They will have to grow up without their dad. But I will always be there to tell them about their dad. I’ll tell them how funny he was. And how awesome he was. There is no one like Kevin. I love you brother! I will always remember you and all the good times we had and the laughs we shared. I’m so sorry Kevin



April stamey posted on 8/8/21

Dear savannah, I'm so sorry for you an the boys loss I can't imagine what your going through, just remember the good times you had an the love you had for one another love you babygirl


Lina Crews Ridge posted on 8/7/21

Dear Laura, I am so very sorry for your loss! I can’t imagine the heart break of loosing your son. And Kyra the loss of your brother just leaves no words.I hope you get some comfort knowing that this is not the end. I hope you feel love and support as you go through this difficult time. Much love



Shelley callahan posted on 8/7/21

Kevin was a wonderful nephew and I loved his visits when he would come to mo! I love you Kevin!