Condolences for Leslie E. Fisher

Ellen Edney Reed posted on 5/7/21

Pat and family in my thoughts and prayers. Went to church with Tommy and Pat and called them by first names. Then i had Tommy for my science teacher and it didn't seem right saying Mr. Fisher. I told him i would just raise my hand when I needed help rather than saying his name. I served the teachers their lunch and he said I could not call him Mr. Fisher if i made sure he had two corner pieces of cornbread on his plate. Sometimes he had the third pieces.


Allen Johnson posted on 5/5/21

I worked for Mr. Fisher a couple of summers inspecting beans while a college student. I really enjoyed talking with him on slow nights and found Mr. Fisher a wise person to learn from. God Bless his family.


Raymond and Elaine Trull posted on 5/4/21

I could not have had a better friend than Tom Fisher. He was quick to generously provide me, a stranger, space to garden in his very, very productive growing area and later a separate space of my own. Over the next 25 or so years Tom gave me an amazing variety and amount of gardening materials. (l hardly ever left his summer garden without produce.) He repaired equipment for me and made supports for bean trellis. (I could go on and on…) But most of all, I enjoyed and appreciated than our many, many garden walks and carport and home visits. We had serious and irreconcilable differences. We could never agree on the best varieties of lima beans and sweet corn, or on the right size for a digging fork! Tom was a doer, and believed in personal effort (having “grit” as he described it) and spoke with pride of his family’s achievements---I remember home building and cabinetry in particular---and their closeness to him. I hope Tom has found a new place of health and happiness where he can praise his Savior, tend another great garden, and enjoy friends in his carport. Our deeply felt condolences go to Pat and all his family.


Joanie Covell posted on 4/30/21

Dearest Pat, I have been inspired by Tom and his border Collies from the first time I saw them in the pasture running and happily exploring the meadow ....Then we met and were so happy to work with both of you with selecting our Tiller and later our Flick who is still a member of our family. You and Tom have been a meaningful part of our love of living here in Flat rock for the last 20 years as your neighbors. Tom and his beautiful farm inspired me to write my children's book...and I am so satisfied to know from you that he liked it. , With love and sympathy from Mike and me on your great loss. but know that we really truly loved your dear husband and admired all that he accomplished in his amazing career. Joanie and Mike Covell


Mike Covell posted on 4/29/21

Tom was a great breeder of border collies and sheep, a great teacher of herding, and a loyal friend. He will be missed by all who were mentored by him and the schools of Hendersonville. He lived a full life devoted by his loving wife, Pat. Our neighborhood lost a faithful friend in Tom.


Floyd McMurray posted on 4/28/21

Mr. Fisher was one of my teachers at East Henderson. He also sold our family two of the best Border Collies, Buddy a real working cow dog that passed away at the age of 13 and Cody that's still here at the age of 15. Cody was my son's Christmas gift and Mr. Fisher allowed him the pick of the litter. That was a special treat.



David and Jo Ann Fain posted on 4/27/21

Pat I am so sorry to learn this. I just want you to know that you are in my heart and prayers.