Condolences for Jade Corissa Simerly

Sarah and William Strobel posted on 4/26/21

Jade was our apartment cleaner at Carolina Village and always did an excellent job. She was dependable, personable, and friendly. We miss her very much and will always remember her. Our sincere condolences go out to all her family and friends.


William and Sarah Strobel posted on 4/26/21

We are so terribly sorry about Jade. She was a very good and dependable worker here at Carolina Village and was so friendly. We miss her a great deal. Our condolences to all the family and to her friends.


Sonja Brown posted on 4/20/21

I never had the pleasure of meeting Jade, but I know my nephew Jordan truly loved her. My heart breaks for him and for Jade's family and friends. God be with you all in your time of grief.


Edith chambers posted on 4/18/21

I know you loved your children monica with all your heart and soul.My heart and prayers go out to you at this time



Alisa Dean(Kilpatrick) posted on 4/17/21

Prayers for you Monica


Ed Foster posted on 4/17/21

Jade, You always made my dining experience at Carolina Village delightful with your sunny smile, your energy, and your desire to be the best. Having a meal at CV will never be quite the same. You'll be missed so very much.


Fran Ackley posted on 4/17/21

Jade was a ray of sunshine to residents in her service to us in the Dining Room here at Carolina Village. She was always pleasant, caring and efficient and a joy to so many. Jade had a bright future and we miss her deeply. My prayers and condolences to Jade’s family for this great loss.


Dolores and Pierre Hartr posted on 4/17/21

Jade was so loved by all the residents of Carolina village. She will be sorely missed. Our payers are for the entire family to find a way to deal with her loss


Sara Phillips posted on 4/17/21

Dear sweet Jade, There are too many memories to count with you. So many experiences and adventures we went on that no one knew about, we just lived in the moment together. You were more than my best friend, you were my family and my love. you knew how to make me laugh, you knew when to hold my hand and love me through the tough times. You are OH SO BEAUTIFUL and I was always trying to be like you. I was jealous. You always told me you wanted my life and I always wanted yours. Now I still want yours. I want to be with you, hold you, and never let you go. Thank you for loving me and showing me the light through the tunnel. I know you’re shining down on us, smiling. ❤️ I love you forever and always. Fly high babygirl... until next time.


Brandy Lampke posted on 4/17/21

Monica and Sydney you are in My prayers. I love you and are here if you need someone to talk too.


zoe jones posted on 4/17/21

jade, you were the most sweetest person i met and you were one of the firsts one i talked to when i started at carolina village. i love you jade and thank you for training me so i can do the best of my abilities. i looked up to you for everything. thank you for being there for me when i needed someone to talk to and i love you and your sister so much. you were always happy and smiling. you had a beautiful smile. you will be missed by so many people in this world but we will always remember you jade!


Rip and Barbara Wages posted on 4/16/21

We never had the pleasure of meeting you, but your Grandma Judy and Grandpa Elwood are extra special friends of ours. We know you are in heaven now, and at peace. You, and your family are in our prayers, and have our deepest sympathy.



Brian & Heather Laughter posted on 4/16/21

Monica and family, our hearts break for you and your family. Y'all are in our thoughts and our prayers. May God hold you close and comfort you.


Patricia L Horton posted on 4/16/21

Prayers of comfort for your family. I pray the Lord will comfort all of you and be close to you.


Christie Cairnes posted on 4/16/21

In my prayers ❤ My condolences


Sarah Kassem posted on 4/16/21

Dear Jade, Thank you for all of the smiles and laughs. I wish that you had had more time here with all of us and that you could have blessed the world with your smiles, kindness, and humor for a much longer time than you were given. Out of all of the people I have worked with over the years, you were one of my favorite people to work with. You actually wanted to get to know me and we had a lot of good conversations. On days when I was feeling anxious and sad at work, you were able to bring a smile on my face when no one else knew that I was feeling anything other than happy. We had conversations about our lives and futures and how you really wanted to go back to college. I was very happy when I found out that you were going to get to go back to school like you wanted for so long. I can't believe that you are gone and it makes me sad that we won't be able to see you again for a while. :( I wish I had gotten to know you outside of work more and spend time with you. I love you so much girl and thank you for being a blessing in everyone's life. We miss you!! I know you're watching over us now❤ Rest in peace


Shannon Shwahna posted on 4/16/21

After meeting in high school and being close friends for 6 years, Jade and I got to do a lot of things together. To name a few; Laundry Mat Photoshoot, Monica's breast cancer party at Bold Rock, Filming youtube videos, random drives around town, going to tattoo shops together, I went with her to get more ear piercings, going to her dad's house to look at his Camaro, going to target to get matching Stranger Things keychains, going to chipotle, she introduced me to a new drink at starbucks a couple of summers ago. She loved it but I hated it, lol! It was the Mango Dragonfruit Acai Refresher. We've done so so much more and I cherish it all. We talked every other day and always made sure each others mental health was good. I had talked to her two days before she passed away. She wanted me to come over to help decorate her new apartment with that she had just moved into with Jordan. I never thought that would be the last time I spoke to her but I'm glad that we had that conversation. It'll remain dear to my heart and I will forever celebrate the life of her. Monica & Sydney- I pray for you guys everyday and hope that Jesus will continue to rest his hands over you and heal the hurt that you guys are feeling. Rest In Paradise Jade, until we meet again. <3


Melena Robinson posted on 4/16/21

Me and her were in the same home room in high school when I first transferred there and she was so nice and welcoming. She was also funny. When I first got to the school o didn’t talk much but she would always talk to me. There is no doubt in my mind that God wanted her back because he missed her!


Katie Jacobs posted on 4/16/21

My first grade best friend. The last time I seen you was last summer at Chili’s, we talked and laughed like we never lost touch. I’ll never forget that. Rest In Peace, beautiful Jade. I know you & Lex are having the best time in Heaven ❤️


Tim & Karen Locher posted on 4/15/21

Jade was so loved at Carolina Village! We pray for God's comfort for her family.


Tim & Karen Locher posted on 4/15/21



Donna R Hurlbut-Ost posted on 4/15/21

The Triplets...I loved seeing pictures of Monica, Jade and Sydney ..I always commented on how much they all looked alike...all so heart breaks for sweet Monica who has been through so much and has thanked God all along the way for His touch and answered prayer, yet is called on to deal with this heartbreak...May Gods be close and comforting and May you know hundreds are praying for this beautiful family...send loving thoughts to you all!


Wilma (Willie) and Ben Johnson posted on 4/15/21

We remember you fondly with your work at Carolina Village. You were always so very kind to us. Rest in Peace sweet girl.



Mandy posted on 4/15/21

I just have no words that are sufficient for this kind of loss. To see your sweet Jade and my sweet Lex standing together in the West Spirit Week picture here.....breaks my heart. Two beautiful, beautiful souls. I remember Lex talking about her friend Jade. Love and prayers to all who mourn this indescribable loss. "It's not's until next time." Lexie's Mama


Andrew Kilby posted on 4/15/21

Jade was one of my best friends in high school. She always knew how to put a smile on my face and any one she was around. I have a ton of memories with her so it is hard to think of one. However, one of my favorites is eating on Main Street Hendersonville with her and her mother Monica. In a day full of technology Jade was living in the moment and she didn’t touch her phone at all while we were there which really touched my heart because she cared about talking with me and her mom. My second favorite memory is going to the fair with her in 2018. We cut up, laughed, rode rides and ate food and had a blast! I always remember holding hands with her and listening to her crazy party music. We had theater class together which is where we really connected and also ate lunch together daily. I love you Jade and you will be missed dearly.


Lauren Royal-Woods posted on 4/15/21

I had Jade as a student at BRCC and she was a kind and lovely person. You have my condolences as I am deeply saddened by this loss of such a bright and caring young woman.


Madison Stephens posted on 4/15/21

I hadn’t spoken to you since high school but I still remember sitting at a lunch table with you and when you would come sit and chat with me in the car rider line. You were a sweet girl who could turn any stranger into a friend. Rest in Paradise Jade❤️


Max O'Kane Kreutzer posted on 4/15/21

We only knew Jade because she visited us one year while visiting her good friend, Grace, in Chesterfield, VA. Even for the week she visited, it was obvious Jade was one of the most bubbly and warm people we’d met before. We watched Batman together and normal teenage shenanigans. Even though we only knew her this week, we stayed in contact with her, and we deeply mourn the loss of such a wonderful person. No one deserves this. Rest East, Jade- The Kreutzer & Aurand Families



Maili posted on 4/15/21

I remember being in science class with you just laughing away, and getting in trouble with the teacher for laughing. You never failed to light up a room with your smile and contagious energy. You’re OH SO beautiful and I know you’re feeling peace and happiness in heaven right now. I love you Jade.


Dani Garzon posted on 4/15/21

Thank you for sending me music since the day I met you. Your memory will live through me in the most powerful way possible anytime it comes on. You made quarantine better through the simple things and I hope your memory lives through others in its own unique way. It was a sincere pleasure meeting you and I wish nothing but the best to your beautiful family. Your memory is forever engraved in my heart.



Cassie Clayton posted on 4/15/21

God has gain another beautiful soul. You were so a bright and beautiful girl. I will never forget you. I hope your dancing with Lexie. Rest easy sweet girl



Cassie Clayton posted on 4/15/21

I loved dance class with you. You were so beautiful! So talent and so bright I will never forget you! God gained another beautiful soul. Rest east sweet girl.


Nina Carlos posted on 4/15/21

You are described just like your mom.. sweet and full of life. Didn't know you personally... but you left too soon.. you left many heartbroken and missing your amazing soul. Fly high babygirl ✝ Rest in Paradise ✝✝


Lakeia Lindsey posted on 4/15/21

Never got fo meet you but I know if you’re anything like your mom you were amazing. So sorry to see such a beautiful young lady leave so soon.


Taylor Newsome posted on 4/15/21

Jade, I will forever miss our deep conversation’s about life. You have the largest heart and the biggest smile. Rest In Peace sweet girl. You will forever be missed. ❤️


Alexis Justus posted on 4/15/21

I really am lost in words and don’t understand why god takes the good ones so soon but he always has a plan. You didn’t have a mean bone in your body you was always so sweet, caring, loving. You were so funny and always had a smile on your face. Always made sure everyone was included no one left out. Rest easy in paradise babe. God gained a beautiful angel.


Christin posted on 4/15/21

Jade, your smile and laugh could light up any room! You will be missed ♥️


Kaylee King posted on 4/14/21

I always looked up to you throughout our childhood, I wanted to be just like you. You were always there for me no matter the issue, I still can’t believe this is real. I will love you always, I cherish the memories I was able to spend with you. I love you Jade.


Kaylee King posted on 4/14/21

I always looked up to you throughout our childhood, I wanted to be just like you. You were always there for me no matter the issue, I still can’t believe this is real. I will love you always, I cherish the memories I was able to spend with you.


Patty Rice posted on 4/14/21

Heart broken for you all. May God comfort you! Such a beautiful girl, gone way to soon. Rest In Peace beautiful