Condolences for Rhoda R. Ambrosia Hargrave

Tammi posted on 3/4/21

I just saw this... my heart is breaking... I’ll never forget Rhoda stamping with me, and one year telling me my name was in her checkbook more than some non-profits


Sherry Carson posted on 2/21/21

I don’t think I really appreciated my mom until I became a mother myself. In the first days at home with my first son, Joshua, she was there to help me. My husband was sick with the flu. She showed me how to hold this precious new life, how to nurse him. I was surprised how some of the mothering didn’t really come naturally as I expected. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing! But she showed me—after all she had four of her own. She showed me a trick of how to hold the baby, sitting with a propped up knee so I could eat dinner myself! Amazing trick. Then with my 2nd, Michael, who was born 2 months premature in NC away from my home in Ohio, she was there again helping to take care of Josh while I visited mike. Hubby had to return to work in Ohio. And then she came to see mike as well. Holding a premature baby helps them grow! She was an amazing mother and I believe I was a good mother because of her.



Linda McElroy Thomas posted on 2/20/21

During our young family's life, mom was always busy, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry...but occasionally she would build a Barbie Doll house out of a box or teach me an embroidery stitch. I remember one time on Dogwood Dr., while the kids were still young, she hid in the coat closet in the middle of the row house and knocked on the door. We thought someone was at the front door....but no one was there. We heard the knock again and all of us ran to the back one was there! She must have had us run back and forth several times, until we figured it out....we were all rolling on the floor laughing when she finally came out! She may have been hiding to get a little quiet time, but she also had a great sense of spontaneous playfulness.