Condolences for Linda Ann Godby Miller

Aura posted on 1/14/21

My grandmother, Mama Linda, was like a second mother to me. I have countless memories of us together over the years. She introduced me to so many different facets of life that are still so much a part of me today. I see so much of her in myself that I know she's still with me in more ways than one. I'm so grateful that she was such a big part of my life. And I'm grateful that after a long, full life that she is finally reunited with her parents, her husband and her sister.


Wendy McDaniel Vislocky posted on 1/13/21

What I have learned about Linda, first and foremost, she is my aunt, cousin by law. My dad, Jimmie McDaniel’s mother Eula Williams McDaniel, took Linda in at 5 years and Marilyn 3, after the loss of their mother from an aneurysm at age 28 and their father by a train accident a year later. Louise was sister of Eula and Aunt Myrtice . Eula took in both girls at once and Little Jimmie, who had been alone on the plantation had immediate two new sisters! But, after a couple of years, when baby Robin was born, it was too much for Eula with Jimmie, baby Robin, and two girls that did not always get along. Myrtice decided to take Marilyn to live with her in Tampa and Eula took Linda to continue living in Tallahassee at Welaunee Plantation. The many stories are way to long to tell! My dad said Linda always blamed him for her various veins in her legs by convincing her to jump out of the top of a hayloft running from Grandma Williams! Also, a few years ago, I met a gentleman who courted Linda while at Leon high school, he was invited out to Welaunnee and stated she took him on a fabulous horse and buggy ride! Even years later, Don Ritchie was still taken by Linda and his memories of her! He even married a Linda!.... Although separated in different homes, Linda and Marilyn were together quite often with their close knit family. Aunt Linda, Uncle Johnnie, Mark and Terry visited often with lots of fun memories playing in Grama Eula’s yard and the house in Georgia. Uncle Johnny and Linda had great senses of humor and when Marilyn and her husband David Johnson were there, there was constant laughter and great times hanging out with Jimmie and Patsy McDaniel, Uncle Ronnie and others! Another great memory, Aunt Linda always remembered my birthday, she always made me feel so special almost like somehow I was secretly her favorite.... that’s how she was, she wanted everyone to feel she was only there for that one person whom she was with. I’ll never forget the warmth and happiness she gave me. The last time I went to visit her was November 2019, we traveled over from Pigeon Forge to visit Linda and take her to lunch. We had a great time! We went to Cracker Barrel, ate a lot of good food and took pie to go! We then drove around sightseeing until she was tired. I always loved how she called my honey or sweetie. Our last call on her birthday was wonderful, we talked about her blackberry pound cake and I sand a very off-key Happy Birthday song that made her laugh that beautiful fun laugh I’ll always remember. I’ll hold onto that call how happy she was! My Dad Jimmie McDaniel, was quite the brother I’m sure with pranks okayed and lessons taught and learned! He has the stories! My memory of Linda of how sophisticated she appeared when she came to visit at grandmas after her and Uncle Johnny meet. We were small kinds then... we loved playing in the huge yard at a grandmas and Granddaddy’s! Linda always laughed vivaciously


Sandra Russell Steed posted on 1/12/21

She was such a beautiful lady and loved you so..put up with all of us. The obituary is such a testimony to her and she is smiling.


Sandra Russell Steed posted on 1/12/21



Holly Owens posted on 1/12/21

Mark and Terry, I am so sorry for your loss. Aunt Linda was a very special lady and I do mean lady. She sent the prettiest birthday cards and I was receiver of some of those newspaper clippings. She was a devoted sister and called, wrote and sent a card every week when Mom was ill. I love you cousins. Sending lots of love!!!


Leslie Tucker posted on 1/12/21

Aunt Linda was the best auntie a girl could ask for. Her smile and soft Southern accent could melt anyone. I will miss her.