Condolences for William “Bill” Howard Peters

Ken Belleman posted on 12/11/20

My Uncle Bill was a great man and certainly lived a full life. My Mom, Martha, would always describe her brother Bill as a rascal in his younger days growing up and I really believe he kept a part of that rascality throughout his life. Listening to his stories on hitchhiking to caddying at Kenwood Country Club, using dynamite to blow out tree stumps , and hollowing out pencils in order to place ink in them to sell to other students at Purcell High School were just some of the neat adventures he would retell. Do you know anyone else who drove a car with a third headlight in the middle that turned in the direction of the steering wheel? The fact Uncle Bill put talcum powder on the wooden steps leading up to the second floor of his house so his mother would not hear the steps creak when he came home late was genius! He was not able; however , the keep the radio low enough for Grandma not to hear him listen to “Inner Sanctum” on the radio. Uncle Bill was forbidden to listen to that particular show and grandma would catch him every time. Uncle Bill loved his Mom & Dad and was lucky to inherit his Mom’s common sense and thriftiness and his Dad’s mechanical and inventive genius abilities. The family house in Montgomery , Ohio was always a wonderous place that was full of Uncle Bill’s array of things that a kid would just love! A pond with a big raft you could stand on in the summer and ice skate on in the winter with a big bond fire. I’ll never forget when Uncle Bill and his brothers and brothers in law pushed Uncle Jerry off the raft and then Uncle Jerry came back tipped the raft over that the rest fell in the drink too! There were ponies, train ride, a massive aquarium, and tractors just to name a few of the things to do there. If that was not enough at the house …. there was more elsewhere; taking a boat ride on the Ohio River in his boat was always a fun time. I still remember hearing the stories that after everyone woke up on Christmas Morning at Uncle Bill’s and came downstairs; there would be a wonderfully decorated tree with all the trimmings to behold that was not there the night before. I have often wondered where that tree came from? Uncle Bill documented and filmed his family trip to the western states one year and watching filming those great breakfasts at rest areas along the way along with seeing the bacon and eggs cooking framed with the Badlands of the Dakotas in the background was really a pretty sight! Uncle Bill loved his food and in return trips to Cincinnati would find him sampling and bringing home bratts, metts, cottage ham, goetta , German potato salad, Perkins Sweet Cinnamon Cake and braunschweiger. Aunt Carol would always stock up on Anise for her baking. He especially liked my wife’s BBQ and we would always made sure we served it when he was in town. A few years ago when Uncle Bill and Aunt Carol were last in town we visited Findley Market where he could take in the sights and smells of all these items and take some home with him. He also loved to hit the Flea Markets with his sister Charlene on his Ohio visits. He was truly a wonderful person and will be sorely missed. I know he and my Dad are restriking having great conversations up in heaven concerning current affairs and fond memories of the past. We love and miss you Uncle Bill: The Belleman’s Ken, Kathleen, Nick, Rosie and Elizabeth