Condolences for Allan Berg

Jim Formichella posted on 11/2/20

I was so very sorry to hear of Mr. Berg's passing. I worked for him for about four years (on and off) at Allan's Pharmacy and he truly was a great man. I still have very fond memories of him teaching me different parts of the business and a lot of those lessons have stayed with me ever since. I also really enjoyed going to Braves and Falcon's games with him when we used to charter trips down to Atlanta. My thoughts and condolences go out to his family.


RITA D SWEEZY posted on 10/22/20

Al was one of the nicest people I know. I met him at Tarheel Lanes a number of years ago and he was always ready to help with getting us registered in bowling tournaments as well as finding hotel rooms for everyone. I was also elected secretary of one of the leagues and he actually came to my home on two separate occasions to help me get the software for the league set up. Al was a fantastic person and will be missed by so many. Thoughts and prayers are with the family.


Carlton Burke posted on 10/18/20

I was so sad to hear about Allan's passing. I had known him since the early 1980's when he was running Allan's Pharmacy in Hendersonville and over the years I have tried to stay in touch with him from time to time either in person or over the phone. Back in the 1980's, Allan helped me out with a number of things and I have always liked and admired him. He was a very special man and will no doubt be missed by many people whose lives he has touched in some way. My sincere condolences go out especially to his daughters Kathleen and Donna and all of his family members as well as his many close friends.


Irene Bright posted on 10/17/20

Allan was a amazing boss and friend he was here for so many of my family members my husband, son and so many of my nephews and great nephews they would go to ball games with him twice a year they was his rat pack that is what he called them and they all loved him and would do anything for him. He was like a father to me and my husband, a grandfather to our son and great grandfather to my two grandchildren. We had birthday parties, Halloween parties and Christmas parties together he will always be in our hearts.


Paula Warrick Stegall posted on 10/17/20

Allen was instrumental in my pharmacy career. He taught me so much (some pharmacy related, some not) and helped me get into pharmacy school. I even worked for him as pharmacist a few evenings. My sympathies are with the family and friends. He was one of a kind, and I will never forget him.


Valerie Reed posted on 10/16/20

Allan gave me my first real job working the front register at the pharmacy when I was in high school, around 1996. I remember him always being patient and generous and cracking jokes. My sympathies to Allan's family and to the many people whose lives he touched.


Steve Turner posted on 10/15/20

Allan was my father-in-law, but I always thought of him as a second father to me. He took me fishing with him and to ball games on the famous bus trips he organized to Atlanta. I will really miss our weekly phone conversations about sports, politics, and his many questions to me about growing plants. He helped me fix things around the house and advised me on many topics. He will always be with me and I will always think about him! It truly was a pleasure knowing him these past 25 years.


Margaret Boone and Family posted on 10/14/20

On Sunday a very big part of my life past away. I am so sad and broken hearted. I went to work for Allan at “Allan’s Pharmacy”and worked with him for 18 years. Allan encouraged me to better myself and insisted I become a Pharmacy Technician. He became a friend and Was by my side for the duration of his life. All of my extended Family loved seeing Allan and expected to see him at family events. I am So thankful for him being a part of our lives. Allan was with me through the death of both my parents and the birth of both my children. Allan became the God-grandparent to both Dallas & Paige. He encouraged Dallas to become a pharmacist and he got to see him graduate pharmacy school in May on the Computer, because of the virus. Allan never missed a birthday or holiday with our family. He went to soccer games and dance recitals. He even went on some vacation with us, taking Dallas on his first airplane ride & Bungee jumping and taking Paige to her to her favorite place to dance, the Jamboree in Saluda. He took my children trick or treating when they were little and had as much fun as they did. Allan helped me put the greenhouse up at Saluda School just because he wanted to help me, knowing I didn’t have a clue. When Tom needed help erecting a building Allan was there every day until it was up.The list could go on an on. My condolences to Donna, Ray and Donald and to Kathleen and Steve and all of his family. Allan was one of a kind, very kind and a very special friend to me. Allan will be missed more than anyone will ever know. May God comfort you all.


Sandra Stepp Hutchinson posted on 10/13/20

Always tried to help people who couldn’t pay for prescriptions I worked there for years and he taught me and I loved him so much. He knew me since birth and was there until Allen’s pharmacy closed and met my husband there. He was a part of my life that I will never forget or be more greatful for.