Condolences for Ronald Edmonstone

Herb Turner posted on 9/19/20

Ron u were a great friend,I learned of your demise Today Sept 18,2020,I will have u in daily Prayer,forever.The Bahai World will miss u,see you again,God Bless U Always,Herb Turner


Norman Bethel posted on 9/17/20

Dearly Loved Family of Ron (Ronny in 1950’s), Was grieved to her of the passing of dear Ron, a very spirited, jolly and heart warming man. Talked with him a few years ago, after some 63 years. We spent the ‘40’s & ‘50’s together in Miami, Florida, along with Alan Holmes and other youth. He had a crush on my sister, Barbara, (his own words) who was 4 years younger than he. Our prayers go forth for the fond memories and the progress of his luminous soul.


Winnie Merritt posted on 9/15/20

The first time Oscar and I met Ron was at a Baha'i School in Cheraw, SC. We had become Baha'is only the month before and before we knew what happened, Ron had seen to it that we were on the planning committee for the Schools. Many memories flood in of the ways Ringleader Ron and we others on the Committee would try to create memorable fun for the children and youth. He loved to organize the games; there was a makeshift Slip and Slide; there was a greased watermelon competition; young and old ate from a very long eaves trough lined with plastic spoons and full of banana splits (we had no thought in those days of virus transmissions!). Even as his health was less robust, Ron always found a way to tell others about Baha'u'llah's message of the way to world peace. We will miss that broad smile and infectious laughter.



carolyn thomas posted on 9/14/20

Meeting Ron is like having an instant friend. His love for Bahá'u'lláh was so strong, my condolences to all of his family and friends. I remember his stories of when he was a high school football coach and the love he had for guiding young people. Always humble and kind, I really appreciate having had the joy of knowing him.


Francis Alan Holmes (AL) posted on 9/13/20

Dear Edmonstone family, please accept our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your beloved father. He definitely was a servant of the Baha'i Faith. I met Ron in 1944, 76 years ago. We were Baha'i youth in Miami, Florida. He left Miami at the age of thirteen and moved to North Carolina. We connected again in 2001 when he was living in Asheville. He moved to Hendersonville, close to where Doris and I live. We have been very close friends ever since. We attended Feasts and other Baha'i events together. Posted by Doris and Al Holmes.


Hermione Pickens posted on 9/13/20

TO THE BELOVED FAMILY OF RONALD EDMONSTONE Our deepest condolences and loving sympathy. The PICKENS Family Hermione, Sean, Le'Lani, Austin, Jayla & Darius


Donald Ray Allred posted on 9/12/20

Oh!, what a Baha'i, what a Baha'i, what a Baha'i! Ron came into my life in 1964, Oh! what a lovely man he was! He talked with me about marriage and then slipped out the back door, gentle as he was .... Oh! My God! Remember this man!


Michael and sherrill hughey posted on 9/12/20

to our dear servants and descendants of Ron Edmonstone; we had family prayers at the time of Ron's funeral service. He was a truly remarkable man. we never heard him complain, he was always trying to make others happy and had so much love to give. Now he is in the warm embrace of Baha'u'llah who we have heard also loved to laugh and make others happy.


Keith Metzner (from Malawi in Southern Africa) posted on 9/12/20

To the Edmonstone Family I express my sincere condolences on the passing of your Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather. What a wonderful obituary all of you wrote that captures his adventurous life. I have many fond memories of interacting with Ron in Asheville at the WNC Baha'i Center. I am praying for the progress of his soul and healing for the family.


Behrooz Sabet posted on 9/12/20

Dear Edmonstone family, please accept our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your beloved father. As I heard his passing I was reminded of this passage of Shoghi Effendi: “He was surely very sorry to hear of the passing away of your father who was such an old and devoted servant of the Cause. Such persons, at their passing, proceed to the presence of Baha’u’llah and partake of His infinite blessings and divine bounties. They enter into a state which, should we only have the eye to see, we would envy and earnestly desire.” I have fond memories of him. He will be greatly missed. Warmest regards, Behrooz and Sima Sabet


Jerome Glassman posted on 9/12/20

Dear Ron was a true lover of Bah u llah. I met Ron many years ago, while he lived in Charlotte,. We became friends and participated in many Baha'i functions in the Carolina's. Ron Mosseller= Rpn and I made an interesting trio on the Baha'i road. Ron would visit my home and enjoy dishes prepared fro him.May his journey onward be guided by the LOVE of Angels from the realms of JOY for his service and love for humanity.


Wendy Rayfield posted on 9/12/20

In May 1970, I had just been a Baha'i one week - was 14. Ron took us Baha'i youth for the day out to a park or camp on Lake Wylie. I went off into the woods with a Baha'i prayer book - had my first powerful experience with the Holy Spirit! Was well confirmed. He once told me I should be a leader, but I was too shy then. I step up more now! He was so dedicated to family, faith, and outdoors! What a wonderful family and influence he made! Love and peace to you all! Thanks, Ron!


Vida Wachob posted on 9/11/20

Many fond memories of this dear, loving, devoted to the Cause of God, friend, Ron. May his beautiful soul rest peacefully along with his other wonderful souls who served the Faith with him.