Condolences for Theresa Elizabeth Mahoney

Marie Wauters posted on 4/15/20

Theresa, your humor, kindness, and generous spirit will be missed. I wish we could have experienced the beauty of the cherry blossoms together, but they will remind me of you each spring as they bloom anew.


Chuck Culhane posted on 4/9/20

Dear Theresa: On occasions when I visited with Paddy and Mama in Florida, whenever we drove by the condo you and Tommy had (on the way to the beach) Paddy would point and say, "My sister has a condo over there," and we would laugh. "My sister, too," I'd say. You and Tom, and Brian and Patrick, contributed greatly to their happiness in a number of ways, providing an emotional and financial pillow in their retiring years. Similar to Billy and Eileen's sharing their home in Englewood, creating a central vacationing spot for family and friends, you were always there for them and the rest of the family. Your departure will leave a great vacuum, particularly in the hearts of Tom and the boys. In remembering your lightness of being, and vibrant presence, an inscription on a sundial in Venice seems an appropriate epitaph you'd be likely to leave us with: COUNT ONLY THE HAPPY HOURS Peace, dear sister.


Christine McIntyre posted on 4/8/20

Our dearest Aunt Theresa, beautiful inside and out-we will miss your kindness, support, love, and positivity. Your “sweetie”, “sweetheart”, and “honeys”. Your lightness brought such happiness to everyone you met. So many of us will cherish your memory forever, keeping you close in our hearts and minds. Rest in the sweetest of peace. We love you. Chrissy, Brad, & Liam


Eileen Culhane posted on 4/7/20

As the pain of our loss washes over us and memories come flooding in, knowing you are at peace in the hands of our loving father and reunited with loved ones gives us comfort. You brought much joy to this family with love, laughter and kindness. The world is a better place because of you and you leave a wonderful legacy of a beautiful family, a loving husband, two precious sons, a daughter=in=law, and a granddaughter. You will be sorely missed and eternally loved. You were blessed and were a blessing in so many ways. Love you, Eileen Culhane



Barb Mahoney posted on 4/7/20

Theresa you were never like a sister-in-law you were more like an older sister! I will miss you. I can still hear your laughter when we used to talk for hours. How we used to hang out and sing while you plsyed the guitar many years ago. The night we all went out for your 50th birthday! That my dear sister is one I will never forget and one I will cherish forever. Thank you for making my brother Tommy so happy for the past 51 years. I will love you forever and I will forget you never! Sleep in Peace my Beautiful sister. BARBARA (Barbie)


Love, Greg, Kim, Evan and Logan posted on 4/7/20

Rest In Peace Aunt Theresa. You’re in our thoughts and prayers Uncle Tommy, Patrick and Brian.


Billy Culhane posted on 4/6/20

My dear sister Theresa full of life love and laughter ,taken from us to soon. We will have many memories that will cause us to long to see her and some times painful but it must be that way. I don't understand God's ways but I know I can trust Him with her life because she is now in his hands..


Alice Culhane Garcia posted on 4/6/20

Aunt Theresa, Thank you for sharing your extraordinary light with us here; we are all the better for it. Your life is a bright path overflowing with immeasurable love and vitality we can only hope to follow. We hold you in our hearts. God bless you forever. Alice, Frank, Iris, and Christine


Aline posted on 4/6/20

My dear Theresa, the love you have given me over all these years has made my life better. I will always love you and will celebrate your life in every possible way, every day. I know that your beautiful soul is now at peace,and it will appease my immense sorrow.


Ray Benware posted on 4/6/20

I remember all our great conversations. You worked hard to get me to open. Thank you for that. Love you like the cousin you were. I will miss you.