Condolences for Bruno Stanzini

Lucia Ellison posted on 4/6/20

I remember my childhood days playing always in the Stanzini's back yard. Signore Stanzini had built the most awesome backyard playground for his children....and by default I got to enjoy it too. Thank you Sig. Stanzini for the fantastic good memories of wonderful fun in a safe haven.


Shayla posted on 4/4/20

I always loved seeing Bruno and Letizia together - inseparable- always... it was as if they were never further than an arms length apart. Such dedication between a couple I have never seen. My heart goes out to you Letitzia .... you were so loved for so long... he will still always be by your side... keep finding him in your heart and that of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren Much love to you...


Joe Paganica posted on 4/4/20

My condolences and prayers go out to the family rest in peace Bruno you will be missed


Anita Davis and Lewis Marks posted on 4/4/20

We really enjoyed the short time we had with Bruno. We loved talking to him as we could see his eyes sparkle with excitement as he showed us the bird houses he created. What a talented man he was! We could also see the love he shared with Letizia and his family. May his life live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.


Phillip Constantino posted on 4/4/20

Dear Aunt Letizia Claudia and I are so sorry for your loss. I remember so many good memories of Uncle Bruno growing up . I spent a lot of time with both of you in the summer. He taught me so much about electricity and his unique way of fixing just about anything. You taught me how too cook. Everything the both of you showed me has stayed with me all my life. All our love and prayers, Phillip and Claudia.


John Henrehan posted on 4/4/20

A success as a husband, father, and provider. And always fun to be around. A life well-lived.


Jim Greene posted on 4/3/20

My memories of Bruno are of a man who was so proud of his family and his accomplishments. Most of my interactions with him were when I was just a teenager when I came over to hang out with his sons. And although it wasn't always easy to understand him with his accent, he always took the time to make me laugh and to feel I was a part of his family. He will be missed.