Condolences for Christine Michelle Anderson

Hearher Anderson posted on 12/12/19

Time heals all... That's what they say! You have to take it day by day! You have to have courage, be strong and carry on..but without you how does one do that when each day seems so long? Sometimes, I smile... I know you're near however my heart aches because its not enough, you are not physically here. The days, weeks and months roll by since you died, I'm not the same without you by my side. In my heart you always remain, all our memories in my brain. So many times I want to call you, sit and talk about whats new.. share lifes challenges or vent my stress, you would always know whats best. I find myself trying to talk to you and hoping you still hear me when I need you to. I miss you more than words can explain, life just simply will never be the same. With every thought of you a tear rolls down my cheek, I feel so defeated so damn weak, just so cheated.. my eyes continue to leak. I feel lost, scared and alone. You were always with me since before I was born and even when I was grown. Youre my Mother and I will never have another. No one in this life could ever replace you and I hope you know just how much I love you and miss you.


Susan Gorski posted on 10/25/19

Chris and I first met while the new Denny's was being opened in Palm Coast. We hit it off and became fast friends. Our kids were friends. When I got married Chris stood right there beside me. What a party that was and she made me swear to not show some of the pictures. We also both went to Cracker Barrel when it opened. She talked of going to school to be a paralegal. I enrolled but to my disappointment she didn't follow through. Her mom was upset that we didn't do it together. Every Christmas night it was desert at Chris' house. One year she even talked my husband into bringing home one of their dogs. I was so mad but that dog (Rocky) turned out to be the best dog we ever owned. We were all heartbroken when he died. I also remember sleepless nights so we would be on the phone reading jokes out of Easy Rider magazines or Readers Digest. We would laugh so hard. Then there was the time that I would complain about the duplex down the street and the renters they kept getting. So what did Chris do? When it came up for sale she bought it! I hated it when the kids grew up and they moved because I only saw her occasionally. Our lives intertwined so much and it is a deep hole that is left with her passing. She touched ever member of our household forever. May she rest in peace and wrap her wings around her entire family.


Nicky Collazo posted on 10/24/19

I am so sorry to hear of Mrs. Anderson's passing. She was such a caring mom to all of us. She treated us all as her children in the many times I was with her children. Sending love your way.


Crystal Gordon posted on 10/24/19

Mama ( Christine Anderson) she was one of the most amazing women I have ever met an got the pleasure of meeting her when I was 18 when i thought life wasnt worth it an was in the stage of feeling alone an rejected but she made me feel loved an wanted an made me feel like life was worth fighting for she became a big part of my life through out the years an became a second mother to me a best friend a role modle an my hero I loved her beyond words we where all ways there for one another she had a heart of gold she was one of a kind she was a blessing to have in life she was a angel send from above she was all ways there if someone needed her she was all ways giving an only thing she asked for in return was people to love them selves an those around them she was the greatest gift anyone could ask for in life I was grateful to have her as mine an as my biggest blessing I was also lucky to have got to see her in june but wish I got to see her again before she gained her wings but even though she is not here in person her candle still shines bright like the light she is she showed me the true meaning of life an how to fight for what's right an seeing her stay strong though it all she gave me the courage when I had cancer I wish she could have won the fight like I did I love u to the sky an beyond mama RIP till we meet again fly high with the angels sing ur beautiful songs an be free xoxo


April posted on 10/23/19

My aunt was amazing a real fighter i loved her with all my heart and miss her so much we had our differences but she always had my back. She was an amazing women always was there for me when i needed her she never ever was disappointed in me no matter what i did. She always told me my mistakes that i make help me learn how to make it in this world that no one can teach you how to live life it’s something you have to teach your self we can guide you but you have to learn what path your going to take. I spent most of my childhood at her house by her and my cousins side!!! All the fun and all the lessons she taught me... aunty i still live with you on my mind i still carry you where ever i go.... i will always and forever be your beans... your home now and in no pain watch over all of us and i hope we make you proud