Condolences for Noel Roger Braun

Ed & Cathy HUMANN posted on 11/5/19

Our deepest sympathy to Delores and their family. We were very sorry to hear of Noels passing. He will be greatly missed.


Neil R. Braun . posted on 10/28/19

I have hundreds of good thoughts about my twin brother, but will share only one or two. I can still remember the evening our parents had friends over to our house on Norcross Ave in Detroit. I guess our father wanted to entertain his friends, since he got our boxing gloves (we received them as Christmas gifts) and told the two of us to 'box a little'. I guess Noel took this to mean he should knock my head off, and might have done so if I hadn't hid somewhere to stay out of his way. But wait, I ALSO remember the day some years later when we were sitting on the small dock at our parents cottage in Brighton. Don't remember if we were fishing in the lake or not but I do remember Noel dangling his feet in the water when suddenly we heard him screem bloody murder... jumping up on onepulling his foot out of the water with a good size snapping turtle attached to his big toe: Karma has a way to even things out. Through it all Noel and I always remained great friends. I really miss him a lot and expect to see him again some day so we can share stories of our growing up together.


Rhoda J. Frank posted on 10/23/19

I have many wonderful memories of growing up with my younger brother Noel and his twin, Neil, when our family lived in Detroit. Noel had a great sense of humor with jokes and funny stories. I can still hear him laugh. He once placed a baby kitten in a paper bag and told mother he had found it in the refrigerator. Mother screamed thinking it was growing mildew. The wedding of Noel and Delores was a day-long celebration of German circle dancing led by Delores’ parents. In later years, there were delightful memories of family events that we all enjoyed at their home in Lake Orion, Michigan. Later in life, we were pleased to occasionally visit them in their lovely home in Hendersonville. Leaving us with those great memories, Noel will be greatly missed