Condolences for Kathleen A. “Kathy” Ronemus


Karen Tesny posted on 8/17/19

Linda, my Philly Gal, My deepest sympathy to you Linda. I, like everyone else who knew Kathy Ann, am saddened & shocked to learn of her passing. Kathy was a strong, patient, understanding, rock solid caring soul & friend; and it is at times like this, we all feel the same. The wayfarer’s group you both held in your sacred space(s) brought many to a safe place of camaraderie, fellowship & healing light. Linda, know you are loved & support is a phone call away. I realize there is no avenue to ease your pain; and because you loved each other so much, will grieve equally as much. Linda, I am grateful for having met the both of you, through Bo. You & Kathy are forever a part of my heart & soul. I hold you close in spirit ... praying for strength, hope, faith & longsuffering for the journey ahead. Reflect upon the good times, as well as how you endured & survived the trials of life & hard times together. Memories hold a treasure trove of those moments, which gave your union together unimaginable joy, gratitude, healing, & the greatest gift of life … Love … to know & to share. Our “Bo” is in good company. Namaste my friend, Karen Tesny


Nita Sanders posted on 7/31/19

My dearest Linda, my deepest condolences for the loss of your beloved wife and my dearest friend of 20 years. Kathy touched my heart in many ways and was always considered my family. Kathy was just a magical person and her loss will be felt by all who were fortunate enough to have known her. Kathy was an amazing friend and teacher. I am honored to be one of those she called friend. Kathy will live forever in my heart and I will hold you in thought and prayer as you grieve this enormous loss.



Your loving wife, Linda posted on 7/31/19

Your unconditional love touched my heart, your smile brightened my days, the idea of of you brings me joy!


Philip Sheppard posted on 7/30/19

My dear Linda, Kathy and I often butted heads over the three years we knew each other, but I never doubted that she cared deeply for me, as I did her. She often shared stories about her life with me, and you featured in many of them. I was so looking forward to working on Kathy’s genealogy with her. My world, this world, is forever dimmed by the loss of her light. Please accept my sincerest and heartfelt condolences.


Lucy Doll posted on 7/30/19

I met Kathy and Linda by chance when they came into the gallery in Burnsville where I volunteered. When they told me Linda was a Reiki master and Kathy was a therapist, I said, "I need both of you!" They gave me their business cards, and I had back-to-back appointments a week or two later. It changed my life. I continued to see Kathy, and her compassion and intelligence in helping me understand how my life had been shaped continues to guide me. I could never forget her, or thank her enough.