Condolences for Brandon C. Pressley

MSgt Michael Jensen posted on 6/8/19

Brandon was one of the most respectful and easy going students I have ever had. He always had a good word to say.


Lisa Copeland posted on 6/7/19

God has released his child Brandon from his struggle. Happiness and eternal life is granted. Peace be to his family and friends.



Kayla Maybin posted on 6/7/19

Omg I'm shocked he's gone he will be missed dearly Fly high best friend....


Cody Seay posted on 6/6/19

I lost someone this week with whom I shared many things love being the most significant of course, more love than I can say. And mutual admiration for each other’s art & hustle. Stories so horrible only family can see the humor in them. We shared our hidden fears with one another. I’ve lost a part of myself. I never realized how big a part until Now and that has opened a wound that stretches from the middle of my rib cage to the bottom of my gut. I cannot stop the tears as I remember Brandon as the good Man who taught me multiple life lessons and we once spent every day side by side with ready for anything. Brandon built up his own walls. How else are you supposed to protect a heart that no matter how broad your shoulders and arms grow is too big for your own chest? A heart that returned hurt with twice as much love. From inside his fort, I don’t know if Brandon could see how much he was loved. But I know that Brandon loved all of US. Inside of him was gentleness, and talent, and goodness that lit up his bright blue eyes even in his darkest moments. But to share that light with others and have it rejected would have been too much for Brandon to bear, so he built up his walls to hide it away under addiction and pain. R.I.P Brandon Corban Pressley Corban Pressley Brandon Pressley Thoughts and Prayers go out to All Brandon's Family.


Cheryl Eye Pruitt posted on 6/6/19

Linda and Family of Brandon...I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart aches for everyone and pray that the Lord will give you Peace and Comfort now, and in the days ahead


Jeff pressley posted on 6/6/19

It's with a broken heart and sad soul that I remember Brandon,who I can remember as young man who loved his family and was an uplifting spirit to those around him.From the first day of his life when I saw him in hospital to the end Brandon was Uncle Jeff's buddy.Never would I think that losing someone could hurt so bad.I love Brandon and will never forget the time I had with him.You will be missed gone but not forgotten.Terry,Kelly,Lisa so sorry for you guys parents should not have to bury there children.


Rebecca Aldridge posted on 6/5/19

He was one the best friends I could have had in school. Always there when I had family problems to having my back when it came to bullies at school. He had such an amazing heart. Always loved and never forgotten! Prayers are with the family and friends he has made over the years.


Will sumner posted on 6/5/19

I'll always remember the time Brandon and I had in school , from R.O.T.C to everyday visits in the halls to the times we would catch up on FB about or kids and how life has been going . To the family I send my prayers and will always remember there beloved son as a good friend, he was a blessing to have .


Natalie Rock Roark posted on 6/5/19

Brandon always had a smile on his face...gone too soon! My deepest condolences to the Family. He was always so kind to me. May God comfort y’all during this time. ♥️


Kayla Morgan posted on 6/5/19

Brandon was one of my truest friends. I have such fond memories of us from high school. Brandon was always trying to uplift someone's spirits and had such a big heart. He will never be forgotten and his memory will always be cherished. Gone too soon... You will be sorely missed. Prayers sent up for his precious family.



Joseph & Briana Stahr posted on 6/5/19

We have alot of memory with Brandon, we grew up with him in school, he was also a great guy, always had a smile on his face, and loved the outdoors, he will be truly missed by many but never forogt.



Steve and Gina Freeman posted on 6/5/19

May God comfort you all. We are sorry for your loss.


Tiffany Russell posted on 6/5/19

Praying for all of his sweet family, my heart aches for each of you.


Sharon & Tommy King posted on 6/5/19

Mike,Janet and family So sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers to all the family at this difficult time.


Tiffany Russell posted on 6/4/19

One of my favorite memories of Brandon was the time I got Brandon in a box for Christmas! His family was in on it and conspired with my family telling me he was gone in another state. To which he was really hiding in my basement having fun with my family, all the while i cried i couldn't see him for the holiday. That morning 5am they lugged a box upstares (lol), (me thinking it was a large ticket item i begged for) I got something even sweeter! A heart attack! No, really it was super cool to have been surprised by him and all of the family! I enjoyed the time I had with him and even better the lesson he helped me learn. Rest in peace <3


Guy R. Swanson posted on 6/4/19

It is with sadness that I learned of Brandon’s passing, and extend condolences to his family. Brandon was a student of mine when he attended Balfour Education Center. I recall with appreciation his friendliness and hard work, and many good conversations with him. He was a pleasure to have in class and a fine young man.


Willamina LaBounty posted on 6/4/19

May God give you comfort in your time of loss .I'm so sorry .


Wayne & Carolyn Surrett posted on 6/4/19

Our deepest condolences for you all. Sending prayers and hugs.


Samone R Hackett posted on 6/4/19

So sorry for your loss ! Brandon was always friendly person no matter who he came in contact with.


Penny Youngblood posted on 6/4/19

So very sorry for all of Brandon's family. We are praying for you Matthew and each one of you.



Patty&Jeff Ashley posted on 6/4/19

Prayers for Terry and Kelley and all the family. So sorry for your loss know that he is in a better place and pray to God to help you through this. Love you all.


Michelle.Hensley posted on 6/4/19

Lisa my heart breaks for you. Prayers up for comfort. I hope someday you will be chasing bitterflies in his memory.



Jennifer Marshall posted on 6/4/19

Deepest condolences to you and your family.


Jessica moore posted on 6/4/19

Brandon was a very good person. He would always make you laugh. Me, and my husband have lots of good memories of him from our childhood, and throughout school. He was an amazing friend to both of us. We miss you.


Tiffany Snoddy posted on 6/4/19

I want to send my sincerest condolences to Terry and his family. Sending love and prayers


Brandon Mathis posted on 6/4/19

Rest in peace brother. I will see you one day. My deepest condolences. Love, Brandon Mathis


Darla short posted on 6/4/19

Brandon was such a great friend and guy he will be very missed gone to soon my prayers are with his family see you again someday my friend


Mandy Magnet posted on 6/4/19

Brandon was such a sweet soul! It was always a joy to be around him in school. He was such a great friend and person. No matter what kind of day you was having Brandon could always put a smile on your face! Rest In Peace my sweet friend! Mandy( Gilbert) Magnet class of 2008